15 mistakes to avoid when having your pool remodeled


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Having a pool in the backyard feels amazing, but maintaining it requires a lot of cost and time. To keep your home updated and to increase its value, you will need to do a lot of amendments from time to time. So if you have a pool in your backyard, you will need to remodel it with time to keep it work for long. The first thing that comes to your mind while remodeling it is the cost that you have to spend on it as it is not an easy thing to do, it requires a lot of steps that have to do with lots of care. Pool remodeling service may include a change in coping, tile, leakage, equipment replacement, and pool decking, etc. Your pool is your biggest investment, so if you make common mistakes while remodeling it you will suffer a lot and end up losing your big amount. To avoid these mistakes you have to do this process systematically and avoid these mistakes. Here, in this article, I am going to list 15 common mistakes which people should avoid while remodeling their pool.

Do not rely upon own self

One of the biggest which people made while remodeling it is relying on their own self. People think they can easily remodel their pool, but they do not know it requires a lot of steps which a professional team of workers can do only. While remodeling a pool, you will require a lot of professional tools and you are even not aware of them. Using those tools requires a lot of knowledge and one has to be an expert in doing that. You may lose a lot of money if you make these mistakes while remodeling it. Try to work with a professional team of workers who will do this task professionally.

Do not ignore small cracks and leaks

People often ignore small cracks and leaks in the pool. If you ignore them today, after some days they will turn into big problems. Try to take care of these small problems whenever you notice them. Remodeling them when they are small does not cost you much, however, if they turn into big cracks they will cost you a lot.

Always clean the filters

Always clean the filters whenever you remodel your pool. Cleaning of filters should not even rely on their remodeling months, you should clean your filters once and twice a month. Check your water whether it’s clean or not, if you do not get clean water immediately change your filters. If you ignore its maintenance it will ruin your health. It is not difficult to clean the filters, but only professionals can do that.

Do not neglect the satins

If you notice your pool carefully you may find a lot of stains on its surface. People often ignore them into consideration. While remodeling your pool try to clean these strains from the surface. These stains can easily be removed by acid wash. These stains may be caused because of dirt, leaves, sticks, and metals. If you do not clean them, your ignorance will cost you the most.

Vacuum brushing on its surface

I know it’s not easy to clean the pool’s surface, but if you do not clean it, your pool will eventually lose its worth. Vacuuming the surface keeps it away from algae and another type of fungus. Regular maintenance will not ruin the surface and keep it working. If you ask the team of workers to clean its surface they will do it with the extra-wide aluminum brush.

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Replace the old equipment

Replacement of old equipment is necessary for pool remodeling. There are a lot of types of equipment that are involved in pool construction. This equipment also required a lot of maintenance with time. If you see the pump in the pool is making a lot of noise, and see the leakage in a pump housing and motor part then you immediately fix this leakage. You must call a professional pool technician to fix it. People often ignore them and think they can work with older ones, but they do not know working with them will not make their pool function properly.

 Not winterizing the pool

It is one of the most time-consuming tasks and a bit tedious. But, if you ignore this process, this becomes a big trouble for you. Your pipes will get frozen and the list goes on if you ignore this step and forget the winterizing process. Always disconnect every pump and machine when the season gets over. Cover your pool from debris and other harmful material. Try to keep these things in mind otherwise, it will cost you a lot.

Do not let the pets play in the pool

Many people like their pets, but if you allow them in the pool you may find a lot of trouble in the pool cleaning process. Their hairs are one of the reasons which may clog your filters. To clean the filters properly you have to spend a lot of money on their maintenance. Instead of spending money on its cleansing, try to keep your pet way from a pool.

Do not ignore the water level

If you find your water level is too low and ignore it, your pool machines will eventually get ruined. Ignorance of water level may burn your water pump. Low water does not make the water circulate properly. Try to keep your water up to the midpoint, but do not hurt the pool with over water.

Fix the leakage immediately

While remodeling the pool, you should first look for the leakage in the pool. If you see that there is a lot of water drop off then you should look at leak-detection companies to immediately fix it.  Leakage could be the most important reason for pool remodeling and will cost you a lot if you ignore it.

Use of wrong chemicals

People often use the wrong chemicals without knowledge of it. If you are unsure about chemicals, do not use them. Ask the professionals to guide you, they will tell you which will suit you the best.

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