3 major factors that directly affect quality of life in a country



The quality of life people have in a country is quite telling of how well the administration of the country functions and hence the status of that country on a world level.

There are many factors that dictate how good the quality of life is for the people. In this blog we shall be discussing three most important ones of those factors, in what way they affect the quality of life, how they have been improved upon in certain countries and how ignorance related to them in some countries has led to problems. Countries like the US, China and Saudi Arabia will be used as examples.

Availability of basic necessities

Resources like clean drinking water and electricity are basic needs and everyone has a right to them. Their availability defines the quality of life in an area. Absence of these resources would result only in resentment from the common people and proven the failure of the elected administration to serve its people which happens to be the case in most of the developing countries.

Populous living in areas that are completely ignored by the administration turn into slums and the people living there have a life full of hardship without even the basic resources.


Employment is an essential aspect for not only the people but also the economy of a country. People require jobs as a source of income whereas a nation’s per capita GDP (Gross domestic product) which is a measure of its economic status is affected by how much each individual earns for himself.

Lack of employment opportunities leads to joblessness and in turn tougher living conditions directly adversely the quality of life.

Policies of countries like the US and China have done well to counter unemployment. Which is partially the reason why these countries lead the world today.

Affordability of education

A factor that directly effects employment is the literacy rate of a country. Which is in turn effected by availability and quality of institutes education. A country with educated people is bound to progress since they are likely to find employment and earn to improve their living condition while also contributing to the economy giving rise to the GDP per capita.

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An example of a country working in this regard is Saudi Arabia with its “Vision 2030”. A good part of this vision is made up of programs to improve the quality of life and education for the people. Namely the Human capability development program and Quality of life program. Both of which have found much success. Visit Saudi Arabia today and compare its progress to its past the remarkable difference is inspiring.

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