5 Ways to Prolong Contact Lenses: Simple Tips for Care


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With contact lenses, you can do anything with your eyes. From the beach to the office, enjoy life without glasses! However, it’s important to take care of these tiny beauties properly for them to last – there are many ways you can prolong contact lenses. This article will give five simple tips on how to keep your contact lenses healthy and strong so they don’t fall out or get damaged easily.¬†

First, avoid using your hands to touch contact lenses. Your fingers have natural oils that will stick to the lens and leave residue behind on them – this can lead to infections or irritations. Opt for a clean cloth instead of your palms when handling contacts. Also, only use a fresh solution with each new pair of contact lenses you put in so that you can keep them clean and safe.

Be careful when removing your contact lens online. Don’t pull the lens out by tugging at it with both hands – this will put pressure on one side of the eyelid, which may cause damage to the eye or tear a part of the pupil’s iris (the colored area around what you see through). Instead, blink rapidly so that fluid drains down onto your lower lid where it is easier to grab hold, then gently pull downwards until they come free from their place in your eyes.

If dirt builds up under contacts, try not to rub too much because it can irritate already sensitive skin there. Gently swirl water over each contact before putting them back into solution for an extra cleansing rinse.

Store your contact lenses in a special container that is airtight, dark, and cool – this will help protect them from damage due to dirt or exposure to light for extended periods of time. Make sure the solution you use has all the necessary ingredients for disinfection, too! A little bit goes a long way with these tiny contacts, so only put one new pair into the case at once instead of multiple pairs. You want each lens to have enough fresh solution every day it’s worn on its own.

Finally, wear your contact lenses as often as possible because they need some time outside their cases to breathe properly. If you are unable to do that during busy days then make sure not to sleep with them on since even closed eyes can still cause damage to contacts.

Don’t forget that contact lenses are a medical device and should be handled as such. Keep these tips in mind if you want your lenses to last for the long term!

There are many ways to care for your contact lenses, and each person should find their own set of practices that work well. The following tips will help you prolong the use of your contacts while also ensuring they remain healthy.

– Avoid leaving them in overnight or even longer than recommended by doctors

– Clean them daily with the fresh solution according to instructions on the box

РUse multipurpose solutions but never rewet drops more than once every 24 hours because this could lead to bacteria growth 

РDo not swim with them unless it is specifically permitted (for example wearing goggles) since chlorine can damage life expectancy as well as cause infections like pink eye if left inside too long 

– Always wash hands before handling contact lens case or removing lenses

РNever keep the case for longer than recommended 

– Replace contact lenses if they begin to irritate eyes or change shape during wear

РDo not use saliva to moisten contacts due to the risk of contamination and infections like pink eye. Saliva can also dry up making it harder for them to stay in place 

РRemove lenses before exercising because sweat could cause irritation, discomfort, cloudiness, redness, itchiness as well as damage lens material. It is best to remove then clean with a multipurpose solution after every workout (for example) 

– Always dispose of old contact solutions according to instructions on the box; never reuse them! These are harsh chemicals that should be thrown out once expired/empty since bacteria accumulates over time and can cause infections

РAvoid putting them in water because dirt and debris could stick to them as well as making the contact lens lose its shape (which is bad for fit) 

– Replace lenses after a maximum of two weeks even if they feel comfortable; this prevents microbes from developing inside. If you experience any type of discomfort, itchiness, or redness during these 14 days it’s best to consult your eye doctor immediately since this might be an infection like pink eye(conjunctivitis). Symptoms include: pain, light sensitivity, discharge, and swelling/redness around the eyes¬†

– Rinse contacts only with the fresh solution according to instructions on the box; never use tap water which contains chlorine that can damage life expectancy while also increasing the risk of infections like pink eye. Tap water can also cause contact lenses to lose their shape

– Never use saliva, rewet drops, or other substances that aren’t multipurpose solutions since this could lead to contamination and damage lens material¬†

– Do not use tap water with the contact case because it contains chlorine which damages life expectancy as well as increases the risk of infection like pink eye (conjunctivitis) due to bacteria buildup over time

РClean hands before handling contacts or removing them from eyes; otherwise they will irritate eyes through dirt/debris sticking to the surface and make fit worse for wear 

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