7 Proven Health Related Benefits of Using Chlorophyll



Everyone knows that eating your greens is what keeps you healthy and away from the doctor. Many of us then take supplements on top of that to improve our nutrition. Did you know that you can now get chlorophyll in liquid form to absorb it more easily into your body? Whether this is for detox or improving your diet, you’ll reap many chlorophyll benefits.

Proven Chlorophyll Benefits

If you remember your biology from school, you might know that chlorophyll is a molecule that exists in all green plants and gives them their colour. Its job is to absorb sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into sugars and water for the plant to survive. We then need to eat those plants to survive ourselves. Moreover, in concentrated liquid form, you’ll enjoy the following chlorophyll benefits.

1- Promotes Red Blood Cells

Interestingly, chlorophyll’s molecular structure is very similar to that of a haemoglobin. This protein is a critical component of red blood cells that take oxygen around your body. Due to the similarities between both substances, chlorophyll benefits include supporting overall blood health.

In general, chlorophyll restores and replenishes red blood cells. This then further impacts your tissues such that your red blood cells can enhance growth and maintenance.

2- Antioxidant

Important chlorophyll benefits revolve around its ability to remove toxins and neutralise harmful molecules. Essentially, the chlorophyll molecules bind with toxic chemicals and heavy metals, for example mercury, and then flush everything out.

Sadly, we live in a world that constantly exposes us to toxins. Take mercury which is a naturally occurring chemical but becomes a poison in high doses. Many fish that you eat will have extra high mercury levels due to excessive industrial activity that releases mercury into the air and the water. That’s why it’s worth considering the chlorophyll benefits to detox your body.

3- Relieves Arthritis

Other chlorophyll benefits include anti-inflammatory properties that can help arthritis and even fibromyalgia sufferers. It’s worth noting that those benefits need further research but the initial studies are positive and prove that there are chlorophyll benefits even though the mechanisms aren’t fully understood yet.

4- Enhances Digestive Health

Eating too much meat without your greens can lead to a host of problems. These include, for example, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, among others. Moreover, meat eaters are at greater risk of constipation and even bowel cancer.

Instead, enjoy the chlorophyll benefits that cleanse your digestive system and keep your colon healthy. This works by keeping your intestinal flora happy such that your bowel movements are as they should be.

5- Supports Immune System

The antioxidants in chlorophyll also give your immune system a boost. Moreover, it balances your pH levels with its alkaline properties within which most bacteria can’t survive. Part of those chlorophyll benefits also gives you some anti-ageing assistance and all for no risk or downsides.

6- Aids Liver Function

Tragically, we only have one liver although, luckily the liver is very good at healing itself. Of course, there are many liver supplements, including milk thistle, to help your liver, especially when detoxing from alcohol. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy chlorophyll benefits for your liver.

Chlorophyll in general is a powerful detoxicant that can also flush out your liver. Once in your bloodstream, chlorophyll aids your red blood cells which then boosts enzymes in your liver so they can do their detox job more easily. Furthermore, chlorophyll seems to activate any damaged liver cells to regenerate. 

7- Skin Care

Further research is needed but chlorophyll seems effective in promoting healthy skin. Again, the chlorophyll benefits in action are its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, you’re benefiting from its alkaline properties that can reduce bacterial growth.

Some experts are further claiming that chlorophyll can be used to treat more severe skin conditions and perhaps reduce body odours. The details have yet to be fully proven but either way, scientists agree that chlorophyll is a powerful oxidant that reduces cell damage and can keep premature ageing at bay.

Parting on Words on Chlorophyll Benefits

Chlorophyll is the molecule that makes plants green. We all need a healthy diet balanced with greens but it isn’t always easy to get. That’s especially true when balancing work, family and our own needs in this busy world. Moreover, it isn’t obvious which supplements are the must-haves versus those that are perhaps less critical.

The chlorophyll benefits are obvious if nothing else because we know that eating greens are important. Many people struggle to get their nutrients from food, for various health reasons. That’s why taking liquid chlorophyll can be a huge help because it is more easily absorbed. With some daily liquid hits, you can enjoy the full range of chlorophyll benefits and be confident that your body is exposed to all those antioxidants. These will then promote organ function, blood health and overall system support. You’ll feel more energetic and generally happier with life. 

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