A blessing in disguise for the Indian Agriculture



Farm solutions and challenges go hand in hand when the topic is Indian agriculture. There is a lot of development & buzz about the new ways & how technology is coming to the rescue of farmers. We can witness solutions in the form of farm management app, software, and other tools. But when we look at the problems- Farmers face significant challenges in meeting food demands, controlling prices, and finding appropriate alternatives. The global level scenario is so much concerned as the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. 

The penetration of technology in the farming sector is expected to drive the most developmental elements. Farmers must be willing to consider a long-term, flexible approach that will help them reach new heights. They should wisely invest in Farm management tools to boost market efficiency and increase crop yield more effectively. A farm management system or farm management app can provide choices for the typical considerations for farmers.

The demand for higher crop production and the need for intelligent farming are all expected to drive our rural economy. By the continuous evolution of larger farms, productivity can be calculated, and better results can be attained. Traditional farm management practices need an update with the changing times. To begin manufacturing, for example, you should protect your budget. Then, to ensure high crop yields, extensive fertilizers, pesticides, and external energy are needed. Furthermore, these programs have misleading facts, such as the fact that nature is indeed a rival, that success can only be calculated by increased resource intake, and so on. 

As a result of the misleading knowledge, the overall agricultural sector suffers negative consequences. Soil compaction, wind and water depletion, lack of soil organic matter, and biological activity may cause a decrease in soil productivity. 

A better solution lies with the usage of farm management app and tools. Water pollutants from agriculture like hazardous fertilizers, & pesticides, are the most significant cause of distortion. These toxins responsible for nutrition drainage in streams, rivers, and oceans are common. As a result, agriculture productivity, fishery production, and drinking water sources are all affected.

And the environmental dangers don’t end here. Today, over 70 fungal infections and over 400 insects have developed pesticide resistance to one or more pesticides. Due to the reliance on crops & livestock breeds, there are limited genetic mutations. Genetic mutation is just one aspect of farming. In reality, a farmer or investor needs to maximize the usage of assets for proper farm management. And without an aid like a farm management app and other software, the process becomes quite tedious and challenging. 

Also, ignoring one of these leading indicators will result in substantial farmland loss and, in some cases, deterioration. Furthermore, all farmlands are not created equal. Every farm requires different soil, fertilizers, etc. This necessitates an effective farm management strategy to maximize the returns on-farm investment. It also pushes investors and farmers to look at the issues such as demand & conservation and fertility.

Whether we use modern techniques or apply the traditional concepts, there are several different approaches to operate a farm. In many ways, a successful farm management strategy is like the management tools and methods used in any other sector. The tasks, obligations, and various management processes found in farm business activities create differences and result in the overall farm management of any farm. 

Maybe you are confident with the returns of your farms, but still, it is not. Even if your farm business is doing well today, it could suffer a setback in the coming days due to unknown factors. So, it is good to be prepared beforehand. Tools like the farm management app keep you updated on farm activities and estimates. In a way, you can effortlessly choose those tools that will save you time, resources, and money. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying much more money in the long term.

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Well, these tools not only help you with the farming tips, weather forecast, soil quality, and fertilizers. When they say farm management, it means keeping a check on your accounts too. You can list where the money goes; determine where it is being spent and where it can be saved instead. When you’re in a tight spot & need to slash your expenses, using a farm management app can come in handy. And, by closely watching your cash flow, you’ll be able to find suitable sources to draw on and borrow money from when the going gets tough.

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Agriculture’s nature of the activity is such that it is heavily reliant on weather factors. Agriculture activities involve living people that are susceptible to health hazards. Since about 60% of India’s agricultural land is used for rainfed cultivation, development relies on timely rain, making it much more unpredictable. As a result, agriculture is exposed to a lot of pressure. Due to these pressure conditions, farmers also go under a lot of stress. But, with the modern-day farm management app, tools, and software, there can be a lot of comfort in their lives.

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