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There have been a lot of mediums for advertising brands online. SEO and PPC have been some of the most common strategies for the growth of businesses. Along with these, ecommerce social media marketing has also played a major role in growing awareness of brands and generating traffic and potential customers to the business.

Ecommerce social media involves the use of social media to market a business. Online stores can now use social media to create awareness regarding their product, to attract customers to the business and increase sales online. You can now, as a business get your brand, profile, and products shared on social media. Here is a guide to ecommerce social media.

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Benefits of Ecommerce Social Media

You’d be surprised at the wide range of benefits you can get from social media for your online ventures. Here are some of the major pros.

Increases Your Reach Online

Studies have shown that 71% of adults that have internet access use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.[i] Businesses can definitely increase potential customers using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social Media Can Target a Wide Range of Audience

Many people on social media platforms are looking for a specific product. You can reach your target audience on their favorite place unlike when you optimize your site for search engines or use PPC marketing.

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It Is a Friendlier Way to Interact with Your Audience

Marketing strategies have changed over the years due to customer behavior and expectations. Unlike the olden days where a formal advertisement was necessary to build customer trust today customers are interested in a friendlier and more casual way of product introduction. Social media allows two way casual communication between brands and customer making customer service good and buying experience better. It also makes the customer feel important and welcomed.

Your Brand Gets Shared

Social media has allowed easier communication among us. Despite of geographical distance we can communicate with our loved ones as if they are there. Similarly, sharing anything on the internet like memes, jokes, and good online shops have also become easier. Social media has allowed businesses to be shared and recommended to friends and family more easily.

Social Media Platforms for Ecommerce Social Media

You’ve used all of the popular social media platforms. But have you ever put thought into how they’re great for ecommerce businesses?


Facebook is the most popular social media network so it makes it a reasonable social media for businesses to start out with. It has the most active users so you can count on it to have at least a few potential customers. It seems that an average Facebook user spends at least 40-60 mins of his day scrolling through his newsfeed.

This does mean that they are only checking their notifications but scrolling through various advertisements too. If you are considering ecommerce social media for your business then this might be the right platform to start out with.

Make sure that you post interesting content throughout the day like photos of products, interesting announcements, and slowly integrate anything that you want your followers to know about your product or service. It has usually been seen that text-only posts do not do as well as photos and other visual media like videos. Another interesting part of marketing on Facebook is that it lets you create campaigns that can be highly targeted to the age, hobbies, likes and dislikes of your audience.

So, now you can decide what kind of audience the advertisements are targeted at.


The next popular platform is Twitter. It has the second most number of active users and so it has a lot of potential for the audience to turn into customers. It has been observed that people respond better to marketing on Twitter than commercials on television.

Twitter allows you to share information in the form of product links to business pages and sales. You can also start conversations about your product among people which will give you insight regarding your product and areas of improvement too. Twitter is also helpful for good customer service.

With Twitter you can respond to customers quickly without being unprofessional. Good customer service ensures that you have a reputation in the market. You can build good networking with customers. Similar to Facebook, you can also run an advertisement campaign which can be targeted to a specific audience. This is another platform for paid advertisement.


Instagram is a social media platform that mostly involves pictures and photos. This is an ideal way to showcase your products. It also has a huge pool of active users which makes it a good platform for getting potential customers. You can also use this platform to give a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

You can appreciate your team members that work hard to make your company successful. Gone are days when only a formal look of your company was used to advertise a product. These days customers want to learn more about their favorite products and businesses in a casual way. Instagram is a good way to do that.

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Final Thoughts

Social media ecommerce is becoming extremely popular especially among startups because it is a cheaper option as compared to other traditional ways of marketing. Marketing is an important aspect of a business to compete in the market. If you are wise enough you can sell anything using social media platforms from home appliances as simple as a Power Surge Protector to smart devices like a video doorbell. It only needs a little skill and a good strategy.

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