Actions to Take After a Car Accident



Car accidents can be a brutal experience. Moreover, states like Idaho in the US are especially dangerous. The state records over 1,000 severe injury cases each year, and nearly 300 fatalities. These numbers aren’t surprising on end. Idaho’s beautiful countryside with mountains are definitely poised to be a dangerous hazard for cars. On the other hand, there is usually only one expensive way to deal with car accidents – calling an Idaho car accident attorney. However, you will need to take following 3 steps before your attorney usually arrives at the scene. 

Collision with Pedestrians 

If you have hit a pedestrian with your car, you need to make sure they are safe, and sound. Furthermore, the legal responsibility for informing the police in these cases lies on the motor driver. The law assumes rationally that in such incidents pedestrians are likely to suffer grave damage. Hence, you need to inform the police, make sure the pedestrian is safe, and offer assistance to call medical, and legal aid. 

Legal Investigation 

Car accident laws in Idaho work on the principle of comparative negligence. This follows that a thorough investigation is essential to fight your legal defense. In comparative negligence, your ability to recover your damage depends on your relative fault as compared to the other driver. There are many ways to deal with it. You can take matters into your own hands, when it comes to investigation. For example, you can take pictures of the accident site to bring things like stop sign to attention, or take pictures of the skid marks of the tires. In unusual cases, however, wherein, the manufacturer of the vehicle might be at fault, you need to speak with your lawyers. 

Small Claims Court 

Small claims courts are essentially a legal mechanism to deal with cases, wherein you have not suffered any grave damage. You can file for a small court case online. This ensures that you can keep your costs to a minimum, and also quickly move beyond the legal hurdle. With small claim courts, you can also avail compensation up to $4,000. You can also file a small court claim online, reschedule your case, and request the court to move your venue. If you are an employer, who has suffered liabilities due to your employees, and you do not have time to visit the court – you can also send your employees to represent themselves. 

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