Advantages of Establishing a Business in Dubai for Foreign Nationals



Dubai has become one of the main destinations for entrepreneurs to set up and grow their companies. It is not without reason, with good infrastructure and connectivity facilities, as well as its strategic location, why company formation in Dubai is intensively carried out. Dubai as one of the cities in the UAE offers special incentives to foreign investors very satisfactorily.

For foreign nationals who want to establish their company in Dubai, choosing the right location is very important. Becoming a part of the Dubai Freezone Company can provide several advantages for you as a foreign citizen.

What is Dubai Freezone Company?

Basically a free zone is a business zone where companies operating in it will be exempt from all types of taxation. That includes Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, and Customs. The free zone is also known as the free trade zone.

Dubai Freezone Company is a special economic zone established to provide convenience for foreign investors in terms of tax concessions and customs benefits. There are more than 30 free zones operating in Dubai including Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Airport Free Zone and Dubai Design District. Each free zone is designed around one or more industry categories by only offering licenses to companies in that category.

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Each free zone also has its own limitations regarding the company structure that must be determined, for example there are several types of businesses that are not allowed to take up their activities. The Dubai Freezone Company offers several advantages for foreign investors who want to start their business in this city located in the Middle East.

Advantages of Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Registering a Dubai Freezone Company is the first step for those of you who are going to start a business with various benefits from the UAE government.

These advantages include:

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– No corporate tax, and exemption from all annual accounting and tax obligations (tax-free);

– Owners who are legally incorporated in the UAE only need to pay income tax if they are in a foreign banking or oil and gas industry.

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– There is no minimum capital requirement paid for all owners who join the UAE;

– You can register a Dubai Freezone Company with 100 percent foreign ownership and zero tax regime;

– Hassle-free recruitment process without working visa restrictions;

– No restrictions on processing legal documents;

– Easy to get office space with affordable and flexible rental plans;

– Investment opportunities are bigger and easier for many foreign investors because English is widely spoken in the UAE;

– The growing diversity of the UAE’s economy is becoming a new business opportunity for companies;

– With a strategic location, the UAE offers the opportunity to export and import goods with ease;

– UAE has a large population of talented human resources which is good for any joining company;

– UAE offers strong and stable connectivity and infrastructure for foreign investors;

– The incorporation process with Dubai Company Freezone is relatively easy and efficient which generally only takes 8 to 20 days. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

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