Animal Wall Art – Animal Paper Craft Ideas for Wall Decoration


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Wall arts add a finishing touch to room décor. They are elements that can help bring the color palette and room decoration together in a perfect blend. Most people hardly give any importance to wall arts; they are usually considered only as an afterthought. Still, the fact remains that they provide a whole new definition to interior design.

Wall art can also be called murals, and animal wall arts are one of the most popular wall art décors. There are various types of animal art, including murals, paintings, and even paper art for wall decoration.

Animal wall arts are very versatile and can be used in almost every interior decoration setting – homes, offices, lobbies, classrooms, playrooms, banks, etc. these wall arts are always attractive and have a distinguishing quality.


Just as there are many papercraft ideas for animal wall art, there are many factors to be considered when deciding on which pieces to add to your interior decoration.

Inspiration: You have to figure out what your inspiration is for your animal wall art choice. It could be anything at all, from random choices or spirit animals. So many factors can be an influence on this choice, and it is important to know that nobody can know this part better than you. Everyone has varying preferences.

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Size: You have to first consider the amount of free space available on your wall for this art. You can’t afford to have a wall décor item with no wall space for it or wall art that takes up most of the space when that isn’t what you wanted. If you’re going to fill up a large area, it is better to buy one large piece of art or a cluster of small ones. Also, make sure your arts don’t get to your ceiling level.

Color scheme: Your wall art should match your color palette. Your inspirational piece can be used to set this tone. It is a lot easier to pick your art and then use the colors to fill up the rest of the room than it is to find a piece that would match an already completed room décor.

However, note that it isn’t exactly a rule for the wall arts to match the color scheme used in the interior decoration. You are free to make whatever choices that suit you. Wall arts are only advised to match the color scheme to avoid creating a riot on your walls.


Wall arts always look perfect on neutral color backgrounds. I find that wall arts do not only make the space look great, but they also make the owner and designer feel great. Animal wall arts are a perfect blend of uniqueness and exquisite taste, and everyone should consider having some in their space.

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