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What is e-banking innovation?

E-banking or electronics banking is a variety of financial transactions that can be done via the Internet and use various communication devices such as mobile phones, computers as intermediaries in financial transactions between the bank and us. What will follow is We no longer need to queue for monetary transactions at corporate banking software as a service branches. This makes it convenient and fast, saving time and travel expenses. The planning of business operations can progress faster. Here are some interesting innovations:

PromptPay system

For the online money transfer system,Β PromptPayΒ is the latest e-payment that the government And all commercial banks work together to develop the solution to the problem of complex old money transfers. By transferring money in the old way, we have to tell the extended account number to the person we want to share the money with us. But with the PromptPay system, we suggest the phone number. can quickly receive the funds transferred to the account that we have linked.

Especially if we want to receive direct transfers from customers, we can link the company’s account to the registered mobile phone number. Just tell me your phone number. When customers transfer money, inform our number to the bank. At this point, the money will go into the account that we have tied up comfortably.

In addition to the convenience of transferring money, It also saves a lot of fees. Because the PromptPay system does not charge a money transfer fee if the transfer is not over 5,000 baht, all items are accessible. Other transaction fees are as follows.

  • Not more than 5,000 baht per transaction free
  • More than 5,000 but not more than 30,000 baht Fee not more than 2 baht per transaction
  • More than 30,000 but not more than 100,000 baht Fee not more than 5 baht per transaction
  • More than 100,000 baht up to the maximum amount according to each bank. Fee not more than 10 baht per transaction

You will see that the Fee is much cheaper than the old money transfer. Think about it if we have to transfer hundreds of thousands of money per month. Or millions of baht. How much money will be saved? This is a banking and financial services app development innovation that we must make the most of it.

Finance application for SMEs

In addition to the PromptPay system, a new financial innovation, many related innovations help manage money within our business. Whether it is an application related to modern accounting management. The system is based on Cloud Computing or financial accounting databases for SMEs in the cloud or the air. When we retrieve the account information, Whether it is financial liquidity or working capital accounts receivable, accounts payable, It can be viewed via mobile immediately. Make us manage Quick money management; no need to go to the office to check documents all the time. Will have time to find customers Negotiate new business, or even relax.

All of the above are new financial innovations that SMEs executives should not overlook. In the world of business, we have to be faster than everyone else. If we stand still, that means we are going backward. While others are moving forward, Therefore, innovations in Low code ISV Banking and financial services, as well as new financial applications, will help meet our needs. It’s up to us to choose to use it. How effective is it to use it for our purposes? And this is one of the essential tools that will help promote the growth of SMEs businesses to move forward quickly and stable.

Don’t be afraid to move forward; something new, good and valuable is always waiting for you.

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