Becoming a Member of your HOA Board: What Matters for the Board and Management



Being able to serve on your homeowners’ association (HOA) board is an honor and responsibility. Other members of your community depend on you and other members of the board to make qualified decisions for the association. When volunteers step down, the board may need to bring in new members. If you believe you possess the major qualities of an HOA leader, there are factors that matter to the HOA board and management. These include the following:

Your Ability to Work in a Group Setting

Board members are expected to cooperate with their follow board members and the HOA management team. Every member must understand that the board leads as a group. When you serve on the board, you should help prioritize future projects for the community, approve community vendors, manage association financial records, and plan annual budgets. Every time the board makes a decision, they take a team approach to make sure each action benefits the entire community.

Your Ability to Make Impactful Decisions

HOA board members need to be able to work and play with great performance. As a member of the board, you will make important decisions to increase the entire community’s property value. Every member must understand their community responsibilities and take them seriously. But, they should also plan, budget, and execute fun community events to bring everyone together. Phoenix hoa management companies understand the difficulty in balancing work and play. This is the reason they want to help out the board behind the scenes with business-oriented details of the HOA. A great HOA management company can crush the numbers, follow up on collections, and handle vendor negotiations for the board. 

Your Openness to Educational Opportunities

Some people who make it onto a leadership board may not be qualified to carry out all parts of the job. Thankfully, your HOA management team can help. If you are open to educational opportunities, you can depend on your management team for training and education regarding your responsibilities and the way to handle different situations that may arise within your community while you are leading it.

Your Ability to Exercise Fairness

As an HOA board, you are expected to exercise fairness in every matter. You don’t just have your interest in mind. No matter who was involved in a community dispute or who requests construction on a property, you should approach each situation as a neutral party and you need to make objective assessments. 


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