Beginner Shopping Guide for Home Rugs 



Rugs in all materials and sizes are in vogue when it comes to home décor today. There are several choices available for you in the market. You can choose from woven, silk, sisal, and other kinds of natural materials that come to your mind. Rugs are great when it comes to dealing with high traffic areas for your home. However, the process of buying them might keep you awake all night, especially if you are pondering on whether Moroccan Rug would be better than a jute rug and vice versa. 

Other questions about home rugsduring the shopping process

As a beginner, you might have other questions about home rugs, for instance, should you buy them online or check them out on local stores, and how can you know whether the rug you buy is durable or not. Again, there is a lot of confusion between the hand-made ones and the others made by machines. These are just some of the key questions that beginners ask themselves when they purchase a rug for their homes. Given below are some expert tips on how you can buy the right rugs for your home without hassles- 

  1. Measure your floor space – so that you get the right size-one of; the biggest mistake that beginner buyers make is they do not measure the room’s space. This makes them end up buying the wrong size. You should take the correct measurements and ensure that the rug covers the seating arrangement completely. In this way, you can choose the right area rug.
  2. The color palette for your home – When you are going in for color, make sure it blends with everything else in the room, including the couch cover, fabrics, and curtains.  Take a good look at your room, use pale colors for small rooms and go in for bold colors only if you have a modern and large space. 
  3. For high traffic areas, get a durable rug – Make sure you invest in strong and durable rugs for high-traffic areas. You would want to buy a rug that would last for the long haul. Natural fibers and wool are durable materials, and you can choose them for areas where there is a lot of footfall. Sisal rugs are quite popular as they sport several knots in a square inch. 
  4. Choose patterns when buying rugs – Patterned rugs not only look good, but they help to keep stains away. If you buy plain colored rugs, you will find they tend to get dirty quite easily. This means you would need to call in a professional rug cleaner frequently or do the job yourself. So, if you do not want to lift chairs and furniture for cleaning the rug, you should get a nice pattered rug to help you save time. 

Therefore, if you are new to rug shopping, keep the above beginner tips in mind. When you browse through the market, you will get rugs in many patterns and materials. Choose the one ideal for your home and make your space welcoming and inviting for all your guests with success!

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