Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress



If you’re a website owner you already know how annoying it can be when your page is unavailable for website visitors during its’ repair or upgrading. The best way to solve this problem is to just put up a maintenance page. You’re probably asking yourself where you can find or even make good maintenance pages? Fear not because I am going to present you with the best three maintenance plugins for WordPress!

WP Maintenance

link: free version –  Maintenance – WordPress plugin |
PRO version – WP Maintenance – Best Maintenance mode plugin for WordPress (

WP Maintenance is the first option that I am going to present to you. The main part of it is putting up a temporary page for authorization. You don’t have to worry about the price because it comes with free and PRO versions so it covers every price range and every version comes with many features. With the free version, you’re getting a chance to fully customize by adding your own logo, customizing your title, headline, and text, and you can also choose the color of your font, background, and icons. PRO version offers you 20+ themes that have already been pre-made but you can edit them however you want or make your own from scratch. Not only are you saving time and effort but you can also optimize your page with SEO

Under Construction Page

link: UnderConstructionPage – free WordPress plugin

The second option but still not any less great is the Under Construction Page. With UCP you can create, obviously under construction pages, and also coming soon, sales and landing pages. Just like WP Maintenance, UCP also comes with many features that will optimize your maintenance page and make your life easier. You get an easy drag-and-drop builder, 320+ templates to choose from, and 3.7 million+ Premium images. What does this mean? This means that you can build your own page from scratch by using UCP’s templates and images while having a chance to fully edit whatever you want.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

link: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress (

Last, but certainly not least is Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode. This option works fast, they want you to save time and get you results –  fast. Just like the last two options, this one comes with many features as well so you can make your maintenance pages perfect. It offers you 2 million + free images, 170+ templates, and an SEO setup. You can choose any image and template you want, fully edit it and make your maintenance pages fit your business the best. Possibilities are endless!

To sum it all up, I have presented you with the best three maintenance plugins for WordPress and it is your job to choose the one you like the most. You cannot go wrong with any of these three options because they all offer you many features that are fully customizable so you can adjust your maintenance pages however you like.

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