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Some eternal questions have been intriguing the great public from the dawn of humanity. Where do we come from? Who killed JFK? Why do people buy bottled air? How come that Naples, FL has turned into such a beloved tourist destination and a haven for millionaires?

Well, here, at, we may not be able to answer the first couple of questions, however, we sure can provide you with a set of guidelines on how to approach this magnificent beach resort. So, do join us, and let’s discover the City of Naples, Florida together!

Like every city, Naples, FL, has its bright and dark sides too. However, the advantages and high living standards outnumber its minor setbacks, such as occasional bad weather, high real estate prices, etc. Our local realtors in Naples FL will supply you with their expertise in this promising real estate market. 

Is it healthy to live in Naples, Fl?

Simply put: Yes! And not only healthy but joyous too. Throughout the previous six years, starting from 2015, the city has been in the top three healthiest and happiest cities in America, the Smithsonian Magazine reported. 

The upbeat and visitor-friendly citizens of Naples revealed good health, a sense of heightened security in the face of financial hardships, incredible community spirit, and a large scale of interactive activities. No room for depression and anxiety here! We must also highlight that Naples draws many old folks who found the perfect spot to spend their retirement years. 

Try having a mental breakdown where the sun always shines. Moreover, the city is fit to guarantee the best quality in every service. Then, decide for yourself about the pros and cons of living in Naples, Florida. Longing for authentic cosmopolitan dinings? Check! Are you in desperate need of an exhaustive shopping experience? Check! Feel like participating in fun outdoor activities, such as golfing, fishing, boating? No place like Naples!

Naples, looking through the magnifying glass

First and foremost, adventurers come to Florida and Naples to get some sunshine. An all year long average temperature of 75 degrees certainly favors people’s affection for this place. 

Secondly, virtually untouched sandy beaches mean a magnetic force for newcomers. Bring a spacious bag with you, and place seashells in it as a memento! Thirdly, exotic bird watching is a cherished pastime activity as you walk along the mesmerizing white-sand beaches bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

No reason to be alarmed since it is one of the safest areas in the state of Florida! Explicitly, the crime rate is 90% lower than in any other fine town or city in Florida and 57% lower than in the average US city! However, the Western side of the city may be a more dangerous place. Here there is a 1 in 19 chance to become the victim of a crime. The eastern part of town is safer. Here the chances to become a victim of a felony is 1 in 73.

Best neighborhoods not to miss in Naples

Just look at some videos and photos about this gorgeous vacation resort, and you’ll realize there’s no way you won’t fall instantly for it! Tourists come and go, but most of them will seriously entertain the idea of moving here. Suppose you wish to avoid districts with a high density of travelers. In that case, you can also choose from countless heartwarming and peaceful neighborhoods.

According to the 2021 census, Naples hosts around 22,200 residents. Walking through the city, you will discover a strong sense of community. People living in 61 constituent neighborhoods act with pride when it comes to the look of their homes. Subsequently, houses are meticulously well-kept and elegantly decorated with floral arrangements. Why always go out, when you can satisfy your hobbies indoors? Due to golf enthusiasm, you will find golf courses and pools in most private residences.


Curious about the downtown area of Naples? Then Moorings might be just for you! This special district displays homes with a huge plus, private waterfront access. Moorings boast around 4,000 first-class houses and condominiums on approximately 1,300 acres. If you are a fan of water sports (honestly, who isn’t?), this is your hotspot. Once you have moved here, you’ll have quick access to the Gulf. A dock will come in handy when you wish to launch your boat, kayak, or even paddleboard asap.

The median house value in Moorings is $750,000 (source: Zillow). To tell you the truth, most houses, however, are listed closer to $1,000,000.

Coquina Sands

Coquina Sands retained the old sense of magic in terms of harmonious community salted with neighborhood camaraderie. It showcases tree-lined and spiraling streets. In addition, it is located in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico, which means more pristine sandy beaches.

Always busy with the clatter of curious tourists, the ‘hood indeed provides plenty of facilities to be seen. Since most visitors stay at the Naples Beach Hotel, they will try their luck at golf at the Golf Club. Then, they will have an immersive shopping experience and perhaps drink a latte in a doors-always-open coffee shop. 

The median price of houses in Coquina Sands slightly passes $900,000.

Old Naples

The somewhat ambiguous historic neighborhood of Naples is ‘hidden’ among majestic coconut-palm trees. Yet, for many, it has become a convenient spot to have an intimate look at the sunset. The ambiguity surrounding the city stems from the fact that it displays slightly higher crime rates than the US average. Furthermore, the cost of living is higher than the American average.

Mentioning popular residential areas, we must recommend the less crowded Old Naples beaches, and the Tin City always packed with good-spirited tourists.

The average house price in Old Naples was around $680,000 in 2020.

Park Shore

It is the most exclusive Naples neighborhood. Its residents are usually well-off people showing off with their waterfront extravaganzas, equipped with boat access. Home prices undoubtedly start at million(s). The spiritual sibling of Beverly Hills hosts high-end boutiques and venues playing live music.

Indigo Lakes and Indigo Preserve
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Indigo Lakes and Preserve is a more family – and budget-friendly neighborhood. In North Naples, Indigo Lakes features gated communities, where your kids will be provided with an excellent education and facilities for outdoor sports, like baseball, tennis, basketball, etc.  


Here is a fact to sink your teeth into. According to the U.S. Census, Southwest Florida is one of the fastest-growing areas in America. Yet, don’t be influenced by statistics! In Naples, newcomers can track the sense of community in the locals’ attitude to them.  

Listen to how they relate to their revered hometown! 

Visit as many parks, waterfronts, and immediate facilities as you can. After that, the question of whether it is worth living in Naples, Florida, is no longer a mystery!

We might not know where the body of Jimmy Hoffa is buried, but we sure know this city is worth every penny!

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