Boyish Jeans is a Californian denim brand founded by Jordan Nodarse.


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If you’re looking for a new denim brand, then you’ve probably heard of Boyish Jeans. This Los Angeles-based brand is committed to sustainability, a key component of the denim industry. The designer is a passionate environmentalist, and his clothing is made using recycled cotton, organic cotton, and Tencel. Since fashion is so wasteful, the focus on sustainable production has helped him build a sustainable business.

Feminine fits and vintage:

The Californian Company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its clothing, making use of sustainable fabrics and processes to make the jeans. The jeans are produced without the use of animal cruelty, and the brand’s mission is to create a more ethical, stylish wardrobe for women. While the jeans are made from traditional men’s denim, the company uses feminine fits and vintage silhouettes.

Ultra-skinny jeans:

Jordan Nodarse is an environmentalist and an activist. He started out as a musician, creating ultra-skinny jeans for Bruce Springstein, but decided to pursue a career in fashion after realizing that his passion lay in the environment. He was inspired by the idea that women can wear men’s jeans and make them look good. Nodarse is an L.A. native, and his background includes stints at Reformation and Girlfriend. He is also committed to a zero-waste approach to designing clothing.

Like other Californian denim brand:

Boyish is committed to a conscious and sustainable business model. It is made with the least amount of water and chemicals possible, and uses recycled materials in its production process. The company is a strong advocate of sustainable fashion, and its mission is to make its products look and feel good. The Californian brand is also a good investment, carrying products from its first collection to Selfridges.

Focus on vintage:

The Californian brand is a leading denim company that focuses on vintage-inspired, worn-out denim garments. The jeans are made mostly from rigid denim, which accounts for 70 percent of its collection. The brand draws its inspiration from men’s silhouettes, with a focus on making the customer look sexy. Despite being a small company, Boyish aims to revolutionize the way the industry makes its products.

The company’s sustainable designs are a major part of the brand’s mission. The jeans are made with recycled cotton and are therefore more sustainable than their traditional counterparts. They also have a number of eco-friendly features. The company uses recycled materials to create their jeans, and the jeans are made of a material that is 70 percent post-consumer fiber.

The brand specializes in vintage-inspired denim garments and uses rigid denim for 70 percent of its collection. The clothes are designed to be sexy while being eco-friendly. The company’s founder, Jordan Nodarse, has extensive experience in the fashion industry and was an active member of the L.A. music scene. In addition to the sustainability of his designs, he is also committed to the idea of sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Vintage-inspired denim garment:

Founded in California, the label focuses on producing vintage-inspired denim garments. Approximately 70 percent of its collection is made of rigid denim. Its clothes are made to look sexy but are also eco-friendly. The brand aims to be as sustainable as possible, and focuses on recycled denim and environmentally friendly practices. Its designers are dedicated to eco-conscious design, and their garments are made with zero-waste methods.

Last talk:

The company’s first denim collection was launched in 2016, and its 30-piece spring 2019 line has already received great reviews. The company has also committed to making the denim industry more environmentally responsible. The founder’s goal is to produce jeans that are made with less waste and more sustainable. It aims to reduce the amount of virgin cotton in its denim, as cotton is a highly-polluting crop.

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