One of the frequently mentioned stereotypes that come to mind when talking about dental implants is that they are meant only for older people. While this is not true (more on that later), there are many more incorrect assumptions that discourage people from learning more about dental implants and lead people to unnecessarily suffering due to misinformation.

Dental implants are a surgical component that, with the support of the jaw bone or skull, provides a base for necessary dental accessories (crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis, or to act as an anchor). This type of dental care is offered all over Australia. Often, complete dental implants aren’t required, as partial ones are more appropriate. For example, partial denture implants in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities, partial denture implants are offered by experienced dental clinics at reasonable prices.

For the sake of clarity, dentures and dental implants are not the same. Dentures require to be taken out and cleaned every night, while dental implants are permanent as they adhere to healthy teeth. However, in this article, dental implants and dentures will be used interchangeably due to the similarities in their purpose.

MYTH #1: Dental implants are intended for older people

Dental implants are available for anyone who feels like they may need it. Often, older people lose their teeth due to old age, and implants help restore independence with vital everyday activities. However, implants have begun gaining traction as a quicker alternative to getting the perfect smile without undergoing years of braces treatment for younger people. As they fit around the healthy teeth, they are known as a partial dental implant. Partial denture implants in Brisbane, for example, seem to be an increasingly popular concept for youngsters to fix their teeth and fix their smile.

MYTH #2: Dental implants are noticeableĀ 

As dental work can be a sensitive issue for many, the supposed noticeability of this treatment can be concerning. However, dentures are composed of white, translucent porcelain that has a very natural appearance and often goes unnoticed.

MYTH #3: Dental implants* require a lot of maintenance

It is quite the contrary. The titanium rods inserted into the jawbone last for around 20-25 years, and the dentures attached last over seven years. They require the same amount of care as natural teeth.

* Dentures, on the other hand, may require extra care. As aforementioned, they will need to be removed every night to be cleaned and soaked before use the next day.

MYTH #4: Getting dental implants is a painful process

Dentophobia is one of the most common phobias seen in today’s world, so it is understandable why many may associate enduring a lot of pain with dental procedures. However, with either anaesthesia or nitrous oxide, pain is nothing to worry over. A temporary spell of soreness may persist for a couple of days after the procedure, but that is often the extent of discomfort with dental implants/ partial dentures.

MYTH #5: Dental implants require you to stay away from certain foodsĀ 

It is only true for the first couple of days after dental implants have been attached, for the treated area to heal. After this period, there are no limitations to what one can and cannot eat with dental implants.

Dentures are slightly different as they are more sensitive to hard and brittle foods (as they cannot stick onto the teeth, unlike implants); therefore, they require a little more care with food.

It is just a brief overview of some common misconceptions surrounding dental implants and dentures. So now, quit worrying and go, get that perfect, crystal white smile!

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