You Can Improve Agricultural Activities by Investing in Chaff Cutter Machine. To Acquire the Machine, Is a Big Dream to Every Farmer in Kenya. The Equipment Has Dominated the Market. It is Readily Available Due to Its Affordability.If You Have A Passion for Livestock Keeping the Equipment Is a Great Solution for Your Need.

This article focuses on the importance of Chaff Cutter to the modern market.

Chaff Cutter Machine

The equipment is one of the best Tools used in livestock ranches to increase production. It is a device that chops grass into small pieces. The chopped grass becomes fine, easy to chew, and quick to digest. This increases the production of milk and helps to keep the animals strong and healthy. It reduces fodder wastage which saves you money.

Chaff Cutter Prices in Kenya

Buying a chaff cutter machine is a brilliant idea. The prices of this piece of equipment vary from different factors. The type of the engine is a major determinant. The engine can be driven by petrol or diesel which has different prices.

The capacity of power and load of the machine determines the price. The bigger the capacity the higher the price. Chaff cutters are available in different types. You can purchase the on that fit your pocket and requirement.

The machines are operated automatically or manually. Manual devices are cheaper than automatic. The number of rollers and blades is also a factor that dictates the price. The more the number the more the price.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Chaff Cutter Machine in Kenya

Getting a Chaff Cutter machine is not an easy task. It requires you to be very keen. You need a device that has good qualities, durable, and minimizes the cost of production. Below are the things that you should look at while purchasing a Chaff Cutter Machine.

  • The chaff cutter price list in Kenya in Kenya is important. You should work on your budget.
  • The type of material. The material should be cheap and long-lasting. It has to give the machine full support when operating heavy duty.
  • Go for a multipurpose machine. Choose a device that can work on both green and dry fodder.
  • Noise pollution. Chaff cutters produce a lot of noise while working. Use a device that has less noise
  • Look for a machine that cuts the fodder to the recommended size. Small chopped materials are easier to digest.
  • Buy a machine that is easier to work with.
  • Select a machine that is free from injuries.
  • Look for a machine that compactable to reduce the storage space.

How to Maintain a Chaff Cutter Machine                                  

Chaff Cutters machines extra care for them to operate well. Below are ways in which you can take care of your device.

  1. Check your machine before you use it.
  2. Make sure the welding joints are intact.
  3. Ensure the bolts and nuts that have connected your machine are tight and in place.
  4. Lubricate all revolving parts.
  5. Remove the accumulated dust before applying lubricating oil.


Chaff Cutters have led to the growth of the agriculture and livestock sectors. They are highly recommended for small and large production. You can buy the machine fromonline dealers or online agriculture sites. The machine helps your cattle to produce more milk and keep them healthy. If you need a fodder chopping machine, Chaff Cutter is for you.

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