Choosing Floor Tiles for Your Home in Melbourne: Ultimate Guide


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When buying tiles for your home in Melbourne, you will need to consider many factors. To help you out, we have created this ultimate guide on how to choose tiles for your home in Melbourne. We include 7 steps that will help make choosing tiles easier than ever before! 

Here is what you need to consider when choosing tiles Melbourne: Firstly, determine which room requires tiles before making any decisions about buying tiles. This article focuses on living areas like bedrooms, dining rooms, and lounge spaces but if you want to tile a kitchen countertop instead of using it for flooring then check out this guide. 

Next, choose between ceramic or porcelain tiles – they both have their benefits! Ceramic comes in more colors than just white so it might be worth considering these shiny alternatives if aesthetics are important to you. Porcelain tiles are easier to clean and stain resistant which is perfect if you have high traffic areas in your home. 

Next, consider the tiles’ durability. This will depend on two things: The quality of tiles themselves – this means paying attention to what they’re made from as well as how thick each tile actually is. High-quality tiles should last longer than their cheaper counterparts! How much use a room gets – for example, bathrooms or kitchens that get heavy wear need more durable flooring whereas bedrooms don’t require such tough tiles because they won’t experience as much footfall throughout the day. Softer tiles like cork can still be used in places like living rooms where there isn’t too much activity but tiles (like porcelain tiles) that are harder and more resilient should be used in places like bathrooms.

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Tiling a floor is one of the most important jobs you’ll do when decorating your home, so it’s worth taking some time to make sure tiles will last as long as possible!

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Steps to take before choosing floor tiles for your home

You need to do research on the market and shops that are selling tiles. You can ask around among friends or colleagues who have recently done renovation works of their homes or they know someone who had it done, get recommendations from them about good places where they bought their tiles. This way, you will be able to find stores with a wide selection of flooring options available at very reasonable prices. Some online sites also offer great deals when buying tiles.

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Check out reviews posted by users before making any purchase decision; after finding some recommended tile retailers, go visit these places during weekdays since this is when tiles are on sale, you can find tiles at discounted prices.

When visiting the tile stores, ask for advice from sales representatives about what tiles would work best in your home based on their condition and design so that they will be able to recommend the most suitable tiles for your flooring requirements. You might also want to check if they have specific types of tiles which come with a warranty since this is a good way to ensure quality. If possible, look around first before asking questions or making any purchase decisions; these places usually stock different types of tiles that vary greatly in price and quality depending on their manufacturer name and brand reputation. While checking out tiles available it’s important to take measurements because some retailers don’t offer free delivery service or you might have some tiles that are too heavy, so it is important to know the total weight of your purchase.

Steps to take after choosing floor tiles for your home

You need a little bit more time and effort in order to install tiles yourself or hire professional contractors who can do this job within a day or two depending on the size of your home. Before doing any installation work make sure all necessary tools are needed such as tiling adhesive, grout sealer, and tile spacers among many others which must be provided by the sales representative from the store where you had bought tiles will already be there at hand before starting with the installation process. You also want to find out if tiles are waterproof or not since tiles installed in areas with high humidity levels might get damaged.

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After tiles have been laid, you need to allow them some time before walking on tiles that had just been installed so they can completely dry out and then apply grout sealer which is available at tile stores across Melbourne for tiles used indoors only. This step needs to be done carefully because over-sealing may cause discoloration of the tiles themselves, while under-sealing will make your flooring look ugly especially when it comes in contact with water spills from appliances such as washing machines others.

Follow these steps and choosing tiles for your next project will be easier than ever before. We hope this article helped with how to choose tiles Melbourne-wide residents to enjoy today!

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