Classical Music Artists, You Should Follow in 2021



The modern-day music industry has become something completely different. But one of the most important things that you should know about music compositions is that good music always withstands the test of time, which is why classical pieces are considered one of the purest forms of music. It doesn’t matter how many times you listen to them or how often you listen to them; they will always sound new, refreshing, and inspiring.

Classical music pieces were pure and realistic as they were written with true inspiration and genuine feelings. They were not marketed but were written based on what the composer felt. So, to make your year 2021 refreshing, we have come up with a list of some of the finest classical music artists that you should start following.

Kevin Doherty

He is a New York-based composer with his fair share of numerous accolades in the past few years. You will be surprised to know that Kevin has also been nominated for the very special Pulitzer Prize in 2014. He was nominated for this prize for his 70 minutes long opera that was named Invisible Cities.

One other album for which Kevin was nominated in 2014 for the Pulitzer Prize was called The Pieces that fall to Earth. This fine album included three of his best vocal song cycles that were also nominated for Grammy. He is one of the finest classical music artists that you should listen to.


This is a family name that rolls off the tongue in the modern era. All this started when a 17-year-old Sheku Kanneh-Mason won the BBC young musician award in the year 2016. He released one of his first albums named inspiration just after winning this prestigious award. And when Sheku Kanneh-Mason played in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

After that, the older sister of Sheku Kanne-Mason, Isata Kanneh-Mason, stepped into the world of music with her first album Romance. This was considered a bold move by Isata since it is sporadic for a musician to use inspiration outside the central classical music canon for their first album.

Attacca Quartet

This famous stringed foursome first met in the Juilliard School in 2003 when all of them were only students. But after getting together, this incredible group has gone on to win a wide array of reputed and recognized international awards. They have released four albums, and they have also played through the entire cycle of Haydn string quartets.

This group of four people won a Grammy award and went on to claim the prize for best chamber music Ensemble recording. They are one of those classical music artists that you can keep listening to without getting bored for even a single second.

Elim Chan

He is one of the youngest classical composers out there as he is not even 35. He has won prestigious conducting competitions, positions, fellowship, and much more. If you are looking forward to listening to a young composer, you should start listening to Elim Chan.

There are many classical composers out there that you should start listening to in the year 2021. Even in the modern era, there are many young and old musicians out there that are still producing quality classical music. Just give a try to all the classical music artists mentioned in this blog post.

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