Do you know most signs of balding?



There are very few people who are satisfied with the density of their hair. According to the standard rules, every day, after a specific life cycle, some old hair falls out, and new hair grows. Yet almost all people can be heard to say, the head was empty! But if everything is normal, the charge is never blank.

The scalp is entirely free from any problem with the scalp’s hair follicles, hair disease, or any internal situation of the body, called baldness in common parlance.

However, balding can not be an obstacle to the development of one’s personality. Let’s find out signs of balding

origin of hair

If you want to understand baldness, you need to know a bit about the origin of the hair. At birth, the human scalp has about one lakh hair follicles—the three stages of a hair’s life cycle. After that, a short-lived step of 2-4 weeks is catechin.

After 3-4 months, the hair falls out after the telogen phase. Again the hair of the new cycle comes and fills the void. Even if there is no physical disorder, the density of hair varies from person to person.


Abnormal hair loss is called alopecia in medical terms. There are three types of alopecia. However, the practice of baldness that hears most of the time is androgenetic alopecia or male baldness. The head begins to be hollow in a particular shape. At first, the hair rises, and the forehead becomes wider. After that, the hair on the top of the head starts to grow.

Hair growth is affected by androgen hormones. It determines which hair will be affected by this hormone and which hair will not from birth. It’s somewhat hereditary.

androgen receptor

On the top of the head, on both sides of the forehead. At the base of the hair at the back of the head, there is an androgen receptor. When androgen levels continue to rise after puberty, some men’s hair follicles in those areas gradually shrink and shrink.

As a result, those hair follicles no longer can form hair follicles. For that reason, we see signs of balding.


Hair growth treatment for androgens began in the mid-eighties. It has been seeing that taking Minoxidil, a drug to lower blood pressure, increases hair and hair. Studies on the side effects of Minoxidil have shown that when applied to the bald spot on the scalp, it helps in hair growth and does not cause any side effects in the body.

Affected androgens

Minoxidil two percent use in women with androgen-affected alopecia. Many times it is treated with androgen drugs. Medication should take if the doctor prescribes, considering the level of hair growth.

The results of such treatment for androgen-affected alopecia are temporary.  When the medicine stops, the hair falls out.

many reasons for hair loss

In addition, there are many reasons for hair loss. Some local ailments are hair problems. In some cases, baldness is just a symptom of significant disease. For example, in thyroid disease, the hair grows, and the head becomes empty. People suffering from many diseases like jaundice, diabetes, dengue, typhoid etc., suffer from nutritional problems.

As a result, the hair falls out as the nutrients do not reach the follicle. In addition, baldness is a severe disease called systemic lupus erythematosus. Spatial baldness is a manifestation of mental illness.

It is better to go to the doctor if there is excess hair. Then you can be sure about the cause of hair growth. Appropriate treatment also gives. Matching relief from head emptying in the future.

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