Don’t make these mistakes while hiring an accident lawyer in Tucson



You were injured in a car accident in Tucson because of the other driver. Even if you had a minor share in fault, you could claim compensation for your damages, injuries, and losses. To win a fair settlement, you need legal representation. The right Tucson auto accident attorney can make a big difference to your case. In this post, we are suggesting a few mistakes that you must avoid while hiring an attorney. 

  • Not checking for options. As a prospective client, you should do your homework and check your options to find a reliable lawyer. Remember that you need a personal injury lawyer who deals in car accident claims regularly, and not any random attorney online. 
  • Not asking questions. You need to ask questions when you meet a lawyer in Tucson. You can ask questions like – 
  • How often do you take auto accident claims in your practice?
  • How long have you been working as an injury lawyer?
  • Are you available to take my case? Or will you assign another attorney from the firm?
  • Can you share a few references?
  • What are some of your top settlements and lawsuits?
  • Do you have experience representing accident victims at trial?
  • Not asking about fees and expenses. In Arizona, car accident lawyers usually work on contingency – an arrangement where the lawyer only gets paid if and when they win a settlement. The fee of the attorney may vary but doesn’t exceed 40% of the final compensation. There could be other expenses related to the case, so make sure you discuss these aspects in depth. 
  • Not watching for red flags. If a lawyer claims that they can win a fixed settlement for you, they are lying. Experienced attorneys can definitely sense the merits and demerits of the case but cannot predict an outcome. Things can go in any direction, depending on the circumstances of the accident. 

It would help if you had a personal injury lawyer you could trust. There are many law firms in Tucson, but not all are equal. Meet an attorney in person, discuss your case in-depth, and talk about the possible outcomes of the case. Just make sure that the lawyer Is accessible, reliable, and experienced with similar accident claims and lawsuits, and if needed, they should be able to take the matter to trial. Check online for reviews of top attorneys in your area and insist on an appointment. 

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