Employee Motivation Tips for Your Staff’s Productivity And Performance



Productivity and performance are two of the most important traits that business owners look for in an employee. However, many organizations fail to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to do their job efficiently. When employees do not feel confident in their abilities or are unsure about regular business practices, they will be less likely to contribute to innovation. This disconnect can also result in a reluctance to collaborate with other team members. In office workplace environments or other businesses that require prolonged sitting or computer usage, it is easy for employees to feel fatigued. Feeling bogged down by work or tired from sitting for an extended period of time can result in errors. It can be challenging to stay motivated throughout the workday, especially when working on tedious or monotonous tasks, so facilitating a supportive workplace culture can help your employees manage their time efficiently and avoid feeling burnt out.

Prioritizing Skill Development

A whopping fifty-eight percent of managers claim that they did not receive any management training at all. Suppose management-level employees at your company are not receiving adequate training. In that case, the level of training lower-level employees likely receive is even more minimal. Training is meant to do more than just inform new hires how to their job. When a new employee is onboarding, it is likely that they already know how to do most aspects of their role. It can be more beneficial to provide guidance regarding company-specific policies, best practices, and problem-solving techniques.

Utilizing Online Training

Often, it is challenging to implement a personalized training session for each new hire. Allotting another employee’s time to training can result in their work tasks being backed up. However, having employees watch an impersonal video or take a non-role-specific webinar is not a particularly engaging or enriching learning process. Utilizing these types of training materials is good for workplace safety or ethical standards, but can fall short when it comes to business processes.

One solution to this problem is online training. Utilizing an eLearning platform is an excellent way to provide employees with hands-on skill development techniques rather than broad task instruction seminars. A virtual environment provides convenience and flexibility that can allow new employees to focus better and ask for additional information. Curiosity leads to education, and when a company makes education accessible, employees thrive.

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Encouraging Overall Wellness

We have all felt the effects of not getting enough exercise or overworking ourselves, regardless of our job description. This universal experience does not have to be the reality in your organization, though. Employee wellness programs like Wellable can be used to facilitate team bonding and healthy habits through company wellness activities. Promoting a healthy lifestyle or increase in physical health practices can improve our moods, decrease fatigue, and improve overall brain function.

Wellness initiatives can encourage healthy competition and give employees a much-needed break from work tasks throughout the day. When we take a break from work to get some fresh air or hydration, we can return to work feeling more refreshed. This positive outlook boosts employee morale and, therefore, increases productivity levels. Taking initiatives to promote taking breaks and practicing healthy habits, by keeping healthy snacks in the break room, for example, can help your employees to feel more comfortable and secure in their position. Avoiding eye strain and relaxing between tasks can also help your employees to avoid the feeling of burnout.

Improving upon training programs and incentivizing new habits across teammates are excellent means of boosting productivity. Practical training provides valuable insight into existing work processes. By examining your business processes more closely, you can identify areas that may need improvement. A streamlined business model is an effective one. When your team of employees is happy, healthy, and unified, your business will experience enhanced function and you’ll keep your top talent working for you for many years to come.

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