Five birthday party ideas for your loved one!


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There’s a no larger cause for celebration than a birthday!  Although a year may treat us poorly or feel like we have some extra wrinkles and gray hairs, our birthdays are still unique.  We want to ensure everyone who attends is vital to the party guest of honor and that every moment of the party is fun and incredible.  This act can be a lot to achieve if you’re not prepared!  Here are five birthday party ideas you can use to make this celebration the best they’ve ever had.

Theme Parties are Back In

Although a theme party may feel a little elementary, like something you would do for a middle schooler, there’s no reason you can’t throw a fantastic party for someone of any age!  The most common themes are pirate parties, mermaid celebrations, and ones themed around decades like the 70s or 80s.  Workshop what theme your birthday person would have the most fun with.  Do they like a certain band or movie a lot?  Is there a television show they got hooked on in the last year?  You could theme it after anything, even after an inside joke between the two of you, as long as you think it’ll be fun for them.

Local Location Party

Consider throwing the party at a famous local landmark or somewhere that matters to the birthday person.  If they never got to have a prom, for instance, you could rent out a high school gym and throw a fun prom-styled party!  This type of thoughtfulness makes the party more memorable and gives them something special only you would have thought of.

Give Them The Show of a Lifetime

Although booking entertainment might seem like a lot of work, it’s worth it!   Not only does booking a performer for your loved one’s special day show you went above and beyond, but it also entertains the guests and gives them something they won’t want to stop talking about!  The most exciting guests you can hire are music acts, impersonators, and comedians.  These three form a solid base for any party you could throw.  Although you don’t need to have all three, you can pick what you need from this set and dazzle your guests!

Capture the Memories!

Don’t let a moment pass without a camera going!  You can rent a photo booth or have professional photographers slip into the party.  Another fun way to get this going is to set up a Snapchat filter that only works within the party’s range.  People will want to show off the filter and that they got to attend the party!

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Combine Everyone’s Gifts

If you know the birthday person wants something costly, and can’t afford it, use the party as a way to crowdfund for it!  Instead of everyone grabbing a twenty dollar gift that the birthday person may or may not need, ask them to donate that money to a lump sum to buy the large gift!  A party of fifty people could buy a thousand dollar item this way, and the amount only goes up the more guests attend!    

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