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No matter your reason to take a flight Mobile Airport Applications (Apps) help you to save time and money with a host of features and benefits. Users only need to enter their flight details or itinerary and your Mobile Airport App can help you book flights, lounges, transfers and also hotels.

Flyers can also obtain real time updates about any delays, terminal or gate changes in order to make the most of your journey. Many major airports now offer their own Mobile Airport Apps that help users quickly and easily navigate the airport and be informed of all the facilities and amenities available with detailed and updated flight information as well.

If you want to know more details about connection times, airport facilities or information about free airport lounges depending on your status, from casual travellers to seasoned corporate frequent flyers a Mobile Airport App will help you make the most of your time at the airport.

Below we feature some of the most popular Mobile Airport Apps:

Lounge Buddy

LoungeBuddy is an iOS based Mobile Airport App that helps users to search, locate, view, book and access airport lounges across the world, all in one place.

Using the LoungeBuddy App, users can view in advance all the details of their selected lounge with photographs, details on services and amenities and even read reviews from previous lounge users with their comments as well.

The App’s Lounge Access Wizard automatically informs users of any lounges they may be able to access due to their status, frequent flyer memberships or affinity credit cards as well.

The LoungeBuddy Mobile Airport App Developer scans over 800 airports and aerodromes spanning over 2000 lounges and exclusive spaces across the world.

Users can specify their requirements also to discover a lounge that matches their needs be it to rest, work, have a meeting or feel refreshed including access requirements. Having experienced your chosen lounge users can leave reviews, photos and ratings so other members can better understand the venue.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is a leading lounge access programme and they offer their members quick and easy access to over 1000 airport lounges and experiences globally.

Programme members can download the Priority Pass Mobile Airport App and start your journey by searching its extensive database. Utilizing the App users can then decide on the lounge they wish to use and the access details.

This App Development goes further with maps for 10 major important airports so you can prepare ahead and save time when you land. Priority Pass members also benefit with big discounts for airport dining retail and other facilities. App users can browse lounges, save lounges to visit next and read and add to user comments and ratings as well.

Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker Mobile Airport App is a handy tool for all types of travellers. Through the App users can find out all the information they would ever need such as gates, times, arrival and departure terminals and any delays as well.

The App allows users to track all airlines and flights originating from any airport around the globe with detailed information, real time updates and the ability to quickly and easily share your journey details with friends, colleagues or family.  

Users can also stay updated about the weather at their destination and having entered your journey details users can receive important notifications and alerts about any changes or delays, with all your important travel information in one place.

Premium users can access practical widgets, seat maps, zoomable maps with live flight info and offline viewing for when you’re flying, enhancing the flight experience.

Mobile Passport

If you are a U.S. or Canadian passport holder, the Mobile Passport Airport App saves travellers time during the entry process at most major air and cruise ports.

Having submitted your details, upon arrival App users can access designated lanes in the inspection area. The Premium Functions allows users to digitally scan and store passports so it’s always available when you need it.

Users must download the App before they travel and then complete the passport profile section and input the passport details. Upon landing users can submit their passports and answer the required questions digitally.

A digital receipt is issued and then App users can quickly follow the signs for Mobile Passport Control, show your physical passport and QR code receipt to the relevant officer and exit the airport fast!

App in the Air

App in the Air is a Mobile Airport App that helps travellers to track all your journeys, itineraries, boarding passes and miles all in a single mobile application.

App in the air learns from the data you feed it and will automatically notify you of any potential benefits from frequent flyer membership programmes or other related promotions. This App also lets users book flights and hotels synching all your information and eligibility to provide the best pricing.

The App in the air also learns about your preferences over time and then makes suggestions and recommendations based on your personal habits, likes and dislikes.

Users can search according to their preferred durations, lounges and other amenities and this App will also show you how to benefit most from any frequent flyer, hotel, car rental or credit card miles or loyalty points you may have logged.


With time increasingly valued, a Mobile Airport Android App Development  can act as your personal flying assistant with extended features for premium users and frequent travellers. 

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