Football betting: What will the championships be like now?



From March to June, almost all world football paralyzes due to the coronavirus epidemic. Top leagues and championships were interrupted in mid-March and only resumed in mid-June.

During the downtime, the balance of power, results, surroundings, and much more have changed. On the eve of the 2020/2021 football season, will tell you about the most significant changes in the TOP-5 leagues in Europe and the Premier League.


Due to the epidemiological situation, problems with the composition in many teams (sick and injured), as well as a tighter competitive schedule and an increased likelihood of injuries for players (2 games per week), UEFA allowed teams to make five substitutions in a match (previously it was allowed to change only three players).This innovation has resulted in longer matches. In summer, 5-8 minutes were usually added to the main time of the 2nd half (before the break, 3-5 minutes were usually compensating).


Serie A in March was interrupted at around 26 rounds. Only 3.5 months later, the championship resumed. There were no global movements in the table for 12 post-quarantine rounds, except that Milan and Sassuolo added a lot. On the contrary, Juventus played out slipshod, having lost more games in 12 final matches of the championship than in the first 26 …

In the first six rounds after the resumption of the Italian championship, the number of red cards in matches increased sharply.

As for the league’s performance – after the continuation of the championship in June, it increased. If before the pause in the middle ground of the championship, 28-33 goals were scored, then from the 26th to the 34th round the teams’ performance jumped sharply: in each match from this interval at least 30 goals were scored, sometimes 37-40 goals. In the final rounds, the performance slightly decreased, which is again associated with a decrease in the number of red cards (from rounds 31 to 38, no more than one card per round, excluding the final round). Also, the teams got in shape towards the end of the season. It is also one of the factors decent behind the decrease in abnormally scoring games.

If the coronavirus trends continue (5 substitutions, empty stands), football will not differ much from what แทงบอล saw at the end of the 2019/2020 season. Those. We recommend looking closely at the rates on TB 2.5-3.0 matches of teams that score and miss a lot. It is especially true of Atalanta, Roma, Inter, Sampdoria. Juventus plays very strongly at home; we recommend betting on his victories at home or a victory with a handicap of 0 or a minus handicap.

Compounding this loss’s comical nature was that the opponent played a part in the minority’s match. Also, Getafe lost its positions significantly: before the break, the team was in 4th place and claimed the Champions League, but very poorly finished the championship and finished only in 8th place. But after a pause, Real added a lot, almost entirely covered the distance of 11 rounds, and deservedly won the championship.

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