Glock 19 vs. Ruger Security 9 – Comparison



Ruger has been on fire and coming out with some interesting and compelling firearms in quick succession. When many brands miss a boat, it is really good to find some gun manufacturer trying to do good things.

One of the latest releases from the Ruger is the compact 9mm pistol that you will find in the store, which is Security-9. In this article, we are going to get complete Ruger security 9 review. To start with, it is the double-stack and mid-sized gun that follows dimensions of a Glock 19, however in the hammer-fired setting that does not show hammer (though it is internal). The exterior & interior of this Security-9 pistol makes it appear like the bigger version of an LCP II. However, as it very closely mimics a Glock 19, it will appear to be the direct challenger for half its price!

Different in the Companies

Glock 19 company was established by Gaston Glock and he achieves huge success by making a simple handgun for the military to the international firearms powerhouse. It offered 26 guns in the United States market, and designs focus on the slim profiles with the lightweight design. Different models are quite similar to each other as well as considered very much reliable.

Sturm Ruger popularly known as Ruger was established in the year 1949. And Ruger has a range of products, which includes long guns and full-sized pistols and revolvers. The latest SR series of pistols were introduced in the year 2007 with SR9, as well as is a line commonly used while comparing to Glocks.  

Looking Internally 

The Security 9 pistol is a hammer-fired handgun that has external safety and has to get disengaged before you fire. There’s the blade safety in a trigger of Security 9, which disengages as a trigger is pulled. And Glock 19 has blade trigger safety, only thing is it does not have an external safety. The external safety adds a step for getting the gun in action, and it is very common for the new shooter not disengaging the external safety when they are ready to get on the fire.

Glocks have the reputation for the accuracy or judging by the tests, it is simple to see why. A Glock turned the overall average size of over 2.87 inches and the average size of over 3.45 inches for Security 9. Both these guns were a bit reliable in the tests, it shot all rounds with no issues and hiccups. 

Comparing Both the Pistols

Comparing the Glock handguns with Ruger will be a bit challenging. In a 9mm category, both the guns provide plastic body guns that will be scratch-resistant. The enthusiasts generally tend to compare both the Glock 17 and 19 with Rugers, even though a few of them compare this to Glock 26 due to Ruger SR9’s shorter ten-round magazine, and giving it a similar footprint to Glock 26.

One large difference is in the production as well as field time and Glocks are around longer than Rugers. They’re regarded as much reliable, by the detractors, and thus, are often the choice of various law enforcement agencies. But, a smaller range of guns & lower accuracy means that you will reach your gun limitations much faster with Ruger than with Glock. We are in the golden age of guns, thus no matter which ammo you select, it can serve you rightly for many years to come.

Final Words 

It is one interesting pistol and will appear to embody important trade-offs. Also, it is one great pistol identical in dimension & size to the Glock 19, however, the components and construction aren’t on par with the Glock quality. 

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