Harrington Plus Review – Giving More Reasons to Traders to Sign Up



I think there are only a few online trading platforms that really give you a lot of reasons to sign up with them. What I notice with most of them is that their services are quite similar. You can’t really choose between them because you can’t find anything unique in their offerings. After years of research, I have finally found one that I think really gives you more reasons to sign up with it than any of its competitors out there. I’ll let you discover more as you continue to read this Harrington Plus review.

Compliance and Security Features

So, when you think about security, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I am sure that if you have been with other brokers, you must think of encryption and segregation of funds. Yes, these are some important security features and I am proud to tell you that Harrington Plus has them in place already. However, as I mentioned before, it takes things to a new level and beats its competitors by offering something unique. With this company, you have KYC, AML, and CFT compliance in place as well. Most companies are usually compliant with AML and KYC policies.

However, Harrington Plus goes the extra step of complying with the CFT act as well, which stands for Counter Financing of Terrorism act. As for SSL certificates on the website, you will be trading with ease because the company has them in place too. The firm is constantly monitoring your trading account to make sure it catches any suspicious activities as soon as they start happening. In the end, when you sign up with Harrington Plus, you will be able to trade with peace of mind.

A Favorable Trading Environment

It is not good when online companies that provide you with trading services give you amazing features, but not the best trading environment. How can you feel like trading when the conditions are not in your favor? I can tell you about Harrington Plus that this company really understands the many factors that form the trading conditions and environment. Firstly, if you look at the amount of money that you need to start a basic account, you will be glad that it is only 5000 EUR. Furthermore, you have leverages that increase as you go up on the list of trading accounts.

You can get leverages of 20x when you sign up with the basic account, but when you go with the advanced and professional accounts, you the leverages as high as 100x. Also, the fees that you have to pay when trading with the company reduce significantly when you go up in the account levels. For someone with the Micro trading account, their fees are between 1 and 6 percent. On the other hand, if you have signed up with the Plus Member account, the fees will be custom. Don’t forget that your commissions can be as low as only 1% if you choose the right trading account.

Education and Trading Support

Are you new and think that you need help from the broker to get you on track? Of course, when you sign up with the right trading services provider, you get all the help you need to be a successful trader. Firstly, the general support is there for every trader regardless of their account type. Secondly, you will get trading signals with every account. With a basic account, you will get monthly trading signals whereas signing up with the Premium or any other account after it will help you get daily signals. You can also learn through webinars, videos, and ebooks.

Final Thoughts

So, what are your expectations when you sign up with an online trading services provider? I can tell you that security, great trading conditions, and a friendly trading platform are my requirements. If those are your requirements as well, I am sure you will find some potential reasons to sign up with Harrington Plus.

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