Have You Collected All NBA 2K22 Season 5 Rewards?



DeMarcus Cousins, Shawn Kemp, Cincinnatus Powell, Rafer Alston, Sidney Moncrief, Marc Gasol, and Morris Peterson are the best NBA 2K22 Season 5 reward cards.

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NBA 2K22 Season 5 Rewards

Ray Allen

Position: SG/SF.

Rating: 99.

Stats: 88 outside scoring, 90 playmaking, 90 defending, 78 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, and 70 rebounding.

How to obtain: Ray Allen is the Season 5 level 40 reward. It’s a Dark Matter item. Players acquire the card when they hit level 40. Although this is one of the hardest cards to claim, Season 5 makes it easier to obtain it. There are several ways to get XP and collect Allen’s card.

DeMarcus Cousins

Position: C/PF.

Rating: 98.

Stats: 82 outside scoring, 81 playmaking, 87 defending, 92 inside scoring, 89 athleticism, 95 rebounding.

How to obtain: This card is the Season 5 reward for the Limited mode.

Shawn Kemp

Position: PF/C.

Rating: 98.

Stats: 81 outside scoring, 81 playmaking, 85 defending, 93 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, 92 rebounding.

How to obtain: Shawn Kemp is the reward from Clutch Time mode. This mode is a new MyTeam addition. It’s a fast-paced competitive mode.

Cincinnatus Powell

Position: SF/PF.

Rating: 98.

Stats: 80 outside scoring, 87 playmaking, 92 defending, 89 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, 95 rebounding.

How to obtain: Powell comes from Unlimited mode. He is a veteran player who was a member of the Dallas Chaparrals, Kentucky Colonels, Utah Stars, and Virginia Squires.

Rafer Alston

Position: PG/SG.

Rating: 98.

Stats: 88 outside scoring, 96 playmaking, 75 defending, 62 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, 50 rebounding.

How to obtain: This card is the reward from Triple Threat Offline.

Morris Peterson

Position: SG/SF.

Rating: 98.

Stats: 90 outside scoring, 84 playmaking, 84 defending, 84 inside scoring, 91 athleticism, 77 rebounding.

How to obtain: This is another Triple Threat Offline reward card.

Sidney Moncrief

Position: SG/PG.

Rating: 97.

Stats: 86 outside scoring, 88 playmaking, 93 defending, 76 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, 69 rebounding.

How to obtain: Players can collect this item from the Exchange mode.

Marc Gasol

Position: C.

Rating: 97.

Stats: 79 outside scoring, 73 playmaking, 88 defending, 88 inside scoring, 84 athleticism, 91 rebounding.

How to obtain: Gasol is the Token mode reward.

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