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House remodeling by Home Remodeling Contractor in Houston has become a privileged architectural horizon. The large volume of construction on the planet, especially in the Western world, during the 20th century and in the first years of this century, resulted in a surplus of existing buildings and a massive occupation of helpful land and open public space. As a result, there are more and more redevelopment projects, to the detriment of building buildings from scratch. Note, however, that renovations have their design and technological rules. Architects and designers must deal carefully with the existing reality, which must be approached with attention and sensitivity.

Requalification projects can be divided into four categories:

– Ordinary requalification;

– Extraordinary requalification;

– Restoration and conservation;

– Restructuring and demolition;

The annual renewal relates to simple things like replacing flooring, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen by Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Houston moving a door or stairs structure, or maintenance of existing elements.

The redevelopment extraordinary refers to the replacement of exterior points of light and windows with shutters or blinds to change material and type of electrical system, implementation or adjustment of ancillary works such as chimneys, power stations, elevators, etc., consolidation of foundations or elevation and reconstruction of stairs and ramps;

Restoration and conservation are about the recovery and conservation of properties with the particular historical, architectural and environmental value. For these works, materials and technologies other than those used to construct the building are allowed, as long as a result does not contrast with the general character of the building. Work is also carried out to recover the functional and hygienic aspects of the property.

Restructuring and demolition are related to the demolition and reconstruction of volumes, expansions, change of purpose, and fractioning of the property’s units.

Remember that all these interventions require licenses.

Restructure The House: Walls

Changing the arrangement of walls is one of the most common jobs in building renovation and can radically change the characteristics of the inhabited area. In such operations, it is convenient to safeguard the main walls, working only on the partitions. In recent years, it is a common trend to minimize the presence of interior walls, favoring the fluidity and continuity of the space.

Restructure The House: Old Floors

Replacing old floors by Home Addition Contractor in Houston is part of regular maintenance work that can be done without significant problems. Changing the floor is often necessary due to the modernization of the house plan, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. You can also intervene in existing floors in other situations, such as installing a radiant floor that has become popular in recent years.

Restructure The House: Old Tiles And Ceramics

Here’s a classic renovation: replacement or maintenance of tiles. The tiles, often old and therefore valuable, make the environments unique, but maintaining them is not always easy, especially when there are changes in the masonry walls that support them or when electrical installations have to be replaced. There is now a trendy market for old tiles and ceramics that can replace those lost during restructuring to address this problem.

Restructure The House: High Ceilings

The presence of high ceilings is ubiquitous in old houses, especially in noble buildings. However, a high ceiling can cause problems in terms of the sustainability of the heating system, although it undoubtedly gives the space a unique charm. A classic solution to remodel an area with these characteristics is the construction of a mezzanine.

Restructure The House: Beams

If you are lucky enough to have beams in your home’s ceiling, then preserve them. The beams make spaces much more imposing and unique with their texture and strength. Reinforce the beams to make your home safer and mix them with modern style elements for effect.

Restructure The House: Doors And Windows

Windows and doors are among the most straightforward elements to safeguard in the event of a renovation. You can, however, restore them and paint them a different color, keeping the house’s moth.

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