How Public Relations by Leading PR Agency is better than Advertising



For enhancing your business, it is important to make sure that people know about your brand and services and trust them. To achieve this there are two main marketing methods you can focus on – Public Relations and Advertising. But the question arises of which method is the best and to be considered for brand building. Public Relations is done by a PR firm whereas there are various advertising agencies for advertising your business.

Here are some reasons which can explain to you how PR done by a PR agency is better than advertising.

  1. The first step for advertising is to decide what to advertise and where. An agency will advertise the brand in niche-based magazines, newspapers, or Television which is very expensive. Agencies also use online platforms to advertise but if you low down your budget then it will result in less impression of the Ad and hence, less outcome. People are more interested in the stories and genuine information than the advertisement. Therefore, the news generated by your leading PR firm will represent an ROI that minimizes the ROI of advertising.
  2. While watching an advertisement, we are very well convinced about the fact that the information is all for selling something. But the purpose of watching or reading the news is to be well informed, educated about the current happenings in the world. This is the reason press releases and other stories are taken by the news outlets to pitch as they know that people trust these stories and respond to them in comparison with an advertisement. A PR agency helps you get free media that is trustworthy, full of information and helps in building relationships with the audience for a long time. So, what is the need for sponsoring the news by using paid media or advertisement when you can have free media provided by a top PR consultancy?
  3. PR has more reach than advertising. An advertisement, whether it is posted on print media or online, will last long until it is paid for. After that, it will be removed from everywhere and nobody will remember it. But a press release is once written, can be sent to targeted newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations, networks, and various online platforms (news sites, blogs, social media). When a PR agency sends a story to publish nationally, all the local outlets pick up from there and publish it in their local news networks. Also, once the story is printed online, it is going to be there on the internet for more than a decade.
  4. Advertising is all about pitching people to buy the product. It is a one-way communication where products and services are advertised to get a direct reaction from the customer but it doesn’t build a relationship. When Public Relations are used with social media, it helps in building a trustworthy relationship with the target audiences. People are allowed to respond on social media platforms, they can ask any query about the services or product and they get the response right away. This builds a relationship between both of them.

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