How to choose the best garden benches?


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If you love to spend time in your garden you must know that having a bench to sit in the garden is a great thing that makes your garden a comfortable place. Sitting on a bench takes away all the worries of creepy insects crawling on you and you can enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on the bench in your garden. 

The outdoor bench is very good thing to take the joy of sunshine, to read a book or even looking at the stars at night. There are a number of choices you get in the market when you look for an outdoor bench.  Selecting the one among different design and material is always difficult to choose for a bench. You could make look your garden ugly in case you choose a poor looking bench. 

How to choose the bench that looks like ideal for your garden?

What is important is to understand while buying wooden garden benches? You need to gather some of the basic information before finally looking at the collection of benches for sale

  • How many people you think will sit on bench at one time?
  • Where you are going to place the bench? 
  • Do you need the curve if you are going to place it in the corner? 
  • Do you need the curve at the back to get additional support?

Once deciding these things, you will know if you wish to buy: 2 seater, 3 seater or 4 seater bench or even bigger, you could get the benches available in the market that can accommodate up to 8 to 10 people.

Curved or alcove benches:

 Curved benches made to fit into the corners are also called alcove benches, double seater or even more. These benches are angled with a table in the middle, best to keep a drink, book or snacks. The alcove style is good because it will accommodate a parasol, protected by a table, in the middle of the bench.

Moon benches:

 It is an alternate corner seat that has a simple curve and without a table, it is also called love seat, the reason behind is it is more intimate when sitting together. 

Once you have selected the design and style of the bench, you need to decide whether you are willing to maintain the bench or the bench is something you want to place and forget about. The material of the bench would the factor to decide whether maintenance of the bench is needed or not. 

Maintenance of the colour: 

The natural colour of the wood could be maintained by using teak oil or linseed oil. You could also customize the colour if you wish to enhance the grain by using the oil that has a coloration or pigment. The teak wood looks amazing with a touch of gold or bronze. It is all up to you how frequent you want to oil the bench. The more you oil the bench, the richer the colour of the bench will be.

Buying a hardwood bench you could feel comfortable that you are going to have a bench that will remain in good condition for a long time and it can also be restored in future.

You can find all sorts of benches in market including hardwood benches, softwood benches, steel benches, timber benches and more. Once you are done with research, you need to choose the right platform to get such furniture. Quality and durability should be the main factor that you should consider while making the final decision, so go for the best.

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