How to earn trading CS:GO skins for beginners



Most of you have heard news about six digit deals involving not works or art, not cars but virtual CS:GO weapons skins. Such prices are dictated by the rarity of the components making up the skin. With all the available variations of the items on the market, the approximate number of these combinations are exceeding 1 million! And there are some people that made even more than that number is US dollars selling and reselling them to other players.

The most accessible way to obtain weapon skins is cs go roulette websites. To play it you must deposit money to the account, choose the preferred way of case opening and start the game! It is much faster and entertaining alternative to opening lootboxes in-game one by one. On top of that you must purchase keys and cases separately. Some places offer an option to donate your own CS weapon skins to convert them into the siteā€™s currency and spin the wheel of fortune!

The skin landscape today

One of the central pieces of the skin is the quantity and quality of stickers on them. Rarity of them is the key starting from Blue all the way to the Gold. But there is the one rarity above Gold called Contraband. Long story short it is the result of the plagiarizing scandal where the stickers from this series cannot be obtained anymore and existing ones got a unique rarity. Look at the Top 5 most expensive stickers:

  • iBUYPower Holo (2014 Katowice);
  • Titan Holo (2014 Katowice);
  • Reason Gaming Holo (2014 Katowice);
  • VoxEminor Holo (2014 Katowice);
  • Team Dignitas Holo (2014 Katowice).

The reason why all of these are from a single event comes down to the fact that the older the stickers the more expensive they get. And the aforementioned event was the first since the Ā«Arms DealĀ» update which introduced skin customization options.

But the main deal is skins for any of the 35 weapons available during regular matchmaking. Players use them to flex on their opponents on just for a pure eye-candy. Some of the most expensive weapons valued above 1 million USD which are included into this Top 5:

  • Karambit Case Hardened ($3k-$1,4kk);
  • Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore ($231k);
  • AK-47 Case Hardened (150k);
  • Butterfly Knife Crimson Web (40k);
  • M4A4 Howl (12,3k);

Ā«Case HardenedĀ» in the name means each item from the series will have a unique color pattern. It can increase or decrease a price significantly making Ā«pattern chasingĀ» a thing. All the prices listed above are market value without any stickers or stat-tracks attached.

That a newcomer should do

For a beginner we recommend working from the bottom without any huge investment at the start. That way they can learn all the nuances of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trading without astronomical losses. A good starting point will be looking at the prices of stickers, prices of skins and prices of the combination of both. If it exceeds the investment then you struck a gold. Keep in mind that the market is ever-changing at require a constant monitoring to stay profitable.

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