How to Find Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services?



Addiction to anything can be potentially harmful to the body. It can be more lethal if the thing is harmful in itself. Usually, people get addicted to nicotine and all its forms, like cigarettes. However, besides nicotine, there is also an addiction to alcohol amongst most individuals, especially the youngsters, nowadays. Around 60% of the population around the world has been addicted to alcohol at some point in their life. Addiction to alcohol can lead to traumatic experiences in the future. There are several small efforts that you can make to get rid of your alcohol addiction, and one is to find an affordable addiction treatment service.

However, one of the most frustrating things about looking for addiction treatment help is to find a successful treatment facility that is also affordable. Many rehab programs these days can cost well over 50K for long-term help, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the most expensive ones usually aren’t the most effective because they cater more to a lifestyle than results.

Affordability for drug treatment, just like anything else that costs money, is a relative term. Addiction treatment programs typically cost about $250 per day, more or less. I could be as high as 2K per day or not cost anything at all (paid for by taxpayers and grants) with a waiting list. When spreading this cost along many weeks and even months for a long-term treatment program, it can become expensive. When compared with other things in life that would fit into that category, many people don’t think twice about spending it on a new car, a few vacations, a year away at college, etc. Understandably, it doesn’t make it any easier when put into those terms. The difference is in the “is it worth it” factor.

Yes, most treatment centers fail most of the time, that is a fact, so family members often give up hope or become jaded about paying money for rehabs and not having them work. But what if something had a much higher chance and ending the addiction cycle forever or even offered some type of guarantee? This would make whatever that price was seen to be a better deal.

There are a few ways, besides overall cost, that can make a successful treatment center more affordable. One is to locate a program that offers the same type of treatment but at another location that might be more cost-effective. Another is to see if there are any partial scholarships available to reduce the cost.

There are always payment plans as well. This may come in short-term payment plans over the course of the treatment, but it may also include doing some type of medical loan or financing that offers low interest and can spread the payments out over a longer period of time.

The point is to not sell yourself short because of sticker shock. If you like the program and are convinced that it is the type of treatment for yourself or your loved one that is going to solve the problem, then there are ways to figure it out. You can use online resources to help you locate effective, long-term treatment centers that are more affordable than their counterparts.

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