How To Find New And Interesting Insta Accounts That You Can Follow


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Do you wish to follow new and interesting accounts on Instagram? Do you see what your friends like on Instagram, get influenced and wish you too followed the same accounts? 

Well, you can do that easily. We shall tell you how to don’t worry!

Instagram is one of the most happening social media platforms that you will come across today. It is no longer that app where you can just upload your own photos and comment or like your friends’ uploads. Today, Instagram has progressed beyond unimaginable levels… it is one of the most important platforms for businesses as well. In order to thrive in this highly competitive world, modern businesses can certainly not escape Instagram. After all, skipping this platform simply means losing out on a huge base of the target audience from where businesses could find potential customers!

What is the need to find and follow new accounts on Instagram?

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Well, to expand their followers organically, it is vital for businesses to locate relevant audiences and reach out to them. And once you find relevant accounts that you think can be beneficial for your business to thrive, you can connect with them and reach out to them. So basically, the need to find and follow new accounts on Instagram rises from the fact that businesses need to expand as much as possible. Now, businesses must always have an idea about what their competitors are up to; this allows them to keep track of market trends and new ideas for businesses to evolve. Once they are able to locate relevant business accounts on Instagram, they can start following them.

And when it comes to personal accounts, the reasons are pretty much similar… human beings are naturally curious and with social media apps, they can satiate their curiosity by finding out new and interesting Instagram accounts to follow.

So, yes, Instagram has become a really popular social media platform these days, from top celebs to your next-door neighbor, you can find everyone here. However, it is not a good idea to follow everyone around you.

So how do you find out whom to follow and who is worthy of ‘checking out’ on Instagram?

Well, with some simple tips you can find interesting accounts on the platform quite easily.

  1. You can firstly look at the accounts that your friends and favorite celebs are following. This is the easiest way to get to know about new accounts. You can look into the profile of people who have the same taste as you. You can either choose to follow official accounts for knowing more about products and services or you can watch out for a personal account to get a piece of their lives.
  2. You can go out to search by your favorite hashtags. The type of posts that you will want to see more might have the same hashtags. You can look out for hashtags that your favorite Instagrammers are using so that you too can get posts that are likely to be useful. If you wish to find out about the post of a local Instagrammer, then you can search for cities in the hashtags or you can do what we are suggesting in our next point.
  3. You can use the geotargeting feature of Instagram to get access to localized content. Using this feature is one of the best ways to find people near you. You can also search for your favorite locations to hang out and also know about people going there.
  4. You will need to scroll through your follower list. You might have followers whose profile you might not have checked and thus have really missed out. You might be resonating with the person whom you ignored all these days. 
  5. You can ask your friends and people you like for recommendations so that you can follow the right profiles on Instagram. You can go out to seek help from people who have similar choices as that of you.
  6. Do give a look through the comments and likes of your favorite Instagrammers. Chances are high that you will get to look into the profiles of people who have a similar taste like you.

We all wish to increase our Instagram followers but we can also make it a point to encourage others too by giving them a ‘follow back’. It will not cost you anything and who knows this might increase your followers count too!

With all these ways you can find new Instagram accounts that you will really like. You can get to know many like-minded people through the process, and who knows, you might get a friend in the process. So gear up, log in to your Instagram account and start exploring all the different options.

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