How to maintain and clean your shop properly



With the holiday season coming, it means two things: more sales (which is good for your shop) and more maintenance. More maintenance also translates to cleaning your shop. As more people come into your store, there are higher chances for dust, grime, and disorder to set in. People come in and look at things in the store, picking them up and moving them around. Every time that happens, a shop attendant needs to put things back, so the displays look brand new. An important part of maintenance is making sure your business is properly insured and checking your policy is competitive. Compare Shop Insurance online today with leading insurance companies.

Before you get overwhelmed, read our simple tips to maintain and clean your shop properly.


Research states that 42% of customers look at the floors first to judge the cleanliness of the business. A spotless floor greatly contributes to the sense of ease and lightness that customers feel when they come to your store. A clean store makes customers want to come in and a lot of that impression of hygiene comes from the state of your floors.

Floors should be swept or vacuumed daily, twice a day if possible. Mopping should occur at least once a day. This also helps keeps minor stains from becoming problematic grime on the floor. If your shop has a carpet, schedule regular carpet deep cleaning services to keep carpets looking fresh and new. Laminates and other such types of floors may require waxing and polishing services regularly.

Shelves and displays

Your shelves and display racks can accumulate dust quickly and that can contribute to customers not wanting to engage with them. Nobody wants to touch a dusty surface. Dusting should be a daily practice. Cash registers, point-of-sale machines, and electronic tills for self-checkouts should also be dusted daily.

By keeping all surfaces clean, you will ensure that your products truly shine. Regular dusting also helps keep your shop free of stale odors.

Entry and exits

The sheer traffic passing through your doors contribute to door handles getting grimy or greasy. If you have glass doors, you’ve likely noticed that they get smudged at least once a day. Your entry doors and exit doors should be wiped clean throughout the day. A smudged entryway broadcasts a poor image of your store.

Mirrors and glass

Mirrors and glass deserve the same treatment of daily wiping to keep them looking shiny and polished. This reminds your customers that you only provide the best and enhances their shopping experience.

Changing rooms

If you run an apparel store, changing rooms should be checked throughout the day for accumulating mess or dust to be swept up. Mirrors should be swabbed down regularly. This is where customers get themselves one step closer to making a purchase. It is in the shop’s best interest to keep this area clean, neat, and comfortable for the customer.


Restrooms are often used as a key indicator of the overall cleanliness of the store. If the restroom is unhygienic, customers will likely take it as a reflection of your values. The floors of the restroom should be clean, the mirrors spotless, sinks and the toilets immaculate, and hand-dryers well-maintained.

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A schedule can be created for regularly checking and accordingly cleaning the restroom. In addition to keeping the restroom clean, the trash cans need to be emptied and supplies like paper and hand soap replenished immediately.


If your store features seating or any other furniture, make sure to check it regularly for stains or other blemishes. Stains should be spot cleaned as soon as possible to preserve the look of your store. Regular spot cleaning will also help to keep your furniture in the best condition for as long as possible.

Stay organized

An attitude to having a clean store should also extend into having an organized store. Everything should have a proper place to live. That includes office supplies, office records, and inventory. Inculcate in your staff a habit of cleanliness and being organized. If you have a small space, getting cabinets installed can really contribute to a clutter-free environment.

Clear up before the day is out

Inculcate a practice of at least clearing the shop of clutter before leaving for the day. You do not need to sweep and swab. Just tidying up is enough. It sets the stage to start the next day on a neat and organized note. Never underestimate the power of a well-organized workspace to put you in the mood to work. If this is a new practice for you, identify areas of the store that you can start with to make it a daily practice.


During the busy season, we hope that you will use the above tips to sanitize and keep clean every area of your shop. Keeping your store clean is the most inexpensive way to plant a positive image of your business in the customer’s mind. Read more interesting stories and news from The Right News Network.

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