How to Prepare for Your Lasik Surgery?



Before you can prepare for your Lasik surgery, it is important to consult with your doctor. Only they can determine whether or not you are a qualified Lasik eye surgery candidate (know more). They will run some tests and let you know which procedure is best suited for you. They will walk through the entire procedure and tell you any precautions that you may have to take before the surgery. Even the changes that you will experience will be elaborated on by them. They understand that getting any surgery done to yourself can be a scary task. They will ensure that you are comfortable with all the steps of the surgery. This is actually what will make you prepared for Lasik surgery in Delhi. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

This may seem like very generic advice. However, you should drink a lot of water before the procedure, unless directed otherwise by your eye specialist in Delhi like This can be a tedious procedure and more fluids will always help you heal a lot better. Even after the procedure, you should continue having an increased water intake. This is a very common side effect after the procedure because your cornea has been affected. There are apps that will help you track your water intake, that will make things a lot easier for you at this time. You also have to stop wearing your lenses a few days before the surgery, as your doctor will instruct you. This is usually a week for soft lenses and a month for hard lenses. This is because contact lenses change the shape of your cornea, which can affect the results of the Lasik surgery. So, you will have to wear glasses a couple of days before it. It will help your eyes relax. This is why you have to inform your doctor about what kind of lenses you wear and how often. 

You also cannot wear any makeup, lotions or perfumes before the surgery as well. They can cause irritation on your skin. You need clean skin that can be prepped and ready for the surgery. Makeup products have a lot of chemicals and fragrances can be too strong. You should take a shower and make sure you are clean of any dirt and debris. Lotions and creams are very greasy, which should not be on your skin before Lasik. Again, it can be very unnerving to have a surgery done to your eyes, or any procedure for that matter. You should try to wear loose, comfortable clothing as well. Nothing too tight or uncomfortable because the procedure may take a while and it is important that you take care of yourself there first. You also cannot wear anything that may shed or flake off like glitter or feathers. If you are uncomfortable, it can annoy you when you are getting such an important procedure. The first thing you will want to do after the surgery is rest. Your vision will be blurred and you will not be able to do anything on your own. 

Different doctors prescribe different rest periods following a Lasik surgery. According to experts at a top ophthalmology clinic in dubai, the rest period also depends in the age in which you are getting the surgery done. For example, if you are younger, the muscle and nerve fibres in the eyes get stabilised and regenerate faster. If you are advanced in age, then you might have to take a break for longer intervals. Rushing the recovery phase of the Lasik is something all doctors avoid suggesting. This is because the eyes are of the most sensitive areas of the body. The more rest you take, the better result will the Lasik ensure.

You may also be instructed to avoid water activities for even a month after the surgery. Only your doctor will be able to advise you better on this. Even though you wear protective gear, it can still affect your vision. However, immediately after the surgery, you will need a day or two to recover properly. Your vision will start to be better from thereon. You will experience many changes, and if there is something that is bothering you too much, you have to consult your doctor. You will have to take things slowly and not pressure yourself too much. More than anything, it may be a little strange to have your vision changing, quite literally. 

You will also need to take someone with you at the time of surgery. Your vision will be blurred and you may be tired from all the anxiety and stress of getting a surgery. This is why it is important that you take someone with you. They will be able to take you back home and guide you. The numbing eye drops that will be administered to you will wear off in a few hours. But before you see clearly again, you will need help. Those effects clear up; it is good to have someone around even for emotional support.

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We have always yielded positive results from this procedure. But the right information will make you a more calm and informed experience.  

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