How to Set Up a Virtual Employee of the Month Program?



There has been a significant increase in the awareness of employees in the industrial world. Especially the ‘corporate world.’ Where at any time the efficiency of the employees was weighed on the basis of remuneration only. In the last two-three decades, there has been the initiative to create special departments like HR in addition to the appointment of consultants for employees in the Board of Directors of organisation Advisor, Acts as a bridge or intermediary between managers and employee. Assessing the employee’s dedication and hard work in the workplace, boosting their morale, encouraging them through rewards, etc. Implementation of various welfare schemes for their family members increase the morale of the employees as well as increase productivity.

Employees need regular encouragement from the managers to realize their functionality. To identify the labour potential of the employee, the management and HR Department has a monthly program of direct interaction with the employees, in which the management can listen to the employee and talk about their ground problems and solve them. They can be given honour and awards according to their work. A systematic schedule can be set for employees.

Employee of the month program examples are as follows:

  • Make employees aware of his goals.

It is important to first make the employee aware of his/her goal. According to the target, they should interact with the management board to keep pace.

According to the goal, employees or workers can be encouraged to increase production or sales. They can be encouraged to achieve their goals through rewards.

  • Rules must be decided.

Special rules and criteria should be made clear to the employees or workers about the objects of the organization.

It is important to decide whether the rules for awarding fulltime and part time employees are the same or different.

A rule should also be made as to how many months after joining the organization the employee should be given the award. It is important to decide what rewards can be received by the management team members. Employees can assess themselves if the rules are known from the beginning.

  • Give cash awards.

The cash award should be given to the employee or according to his ability and any special facility should also be provided as award.

  • Determine policies.

It is also necessary to determine the policies of selection for the award. Make rewards rules based on innovation, customer service, creativity or team spirit of the employees.

Employees should also be given the facility of mutual recommendation of each other through a recognition form in which they can mention about their partner’s qualities why they should be given the award. A panel of judges can take a final decision on this.

  • Rules should mention in company website.

The incentive program and its rules should be explained on the company’s website. Rules can also be given in the company’s newsletter to receive the award.

  • Publicized the awardee.

It is also necessary to publicize the name of the employee who is awarded. There name should be announce in the company’s newsletter, corporate social media channels and company blogs also mention about his/her efficiency.

Certainly, this process will help any organization, factory or industry to pave on the path of progress.

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