How Whizzyle makes employee communication seamless and improve productivity in the work-from-home scenario



COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world functions. Working remotely has become the norm and the workforce, after the initial enthusiasm, has started realizing the challenges.

Those working from home and remotely agree that they miss out on the rapport with colleagues and the lack of a structured schedule is a major challenge. Moreover, they are plagued by loneliness, time management issues and miscommunication.

The challenge is manifold when some of the leaders think that sending their employees home with a laptop would solve the problems. If leaders don’t have a robust communication structure and they fail to create a sense of belongingness and accountability there can be terrible consequences.

Always, the communication has to be aligned with the company’s policies and guidelines. Whether during a pandemic or not, leaders should realize that their communication should be straightforward and simple so that receivers’ perceive it with the intended meaning.

Some essential elements to consider while communicating is:

Be aware of the importance of content, context and tone:

The pandemic has forced people to navigate unpleasant social and economic conditions and hence one should double confirm that the communication is not misinterpreted. Spend extra time to read and re-read messages before they are sent to the employees to steer clear of miscommunication. Confirm that the message is clear and there is no ambiguity. And be aware of the tone. Messages should be clear and should have enough contexts so they are understood properly by the intended recipients and even others who may access the communication. Ensure the communication is not out-of-touch with the current conditions.

Be conscious about personal privacy and adhere to global and state regulations:

Messages should adhere to global regulations and should not be communicated or send in such a way that it intrudes on the privacy of the receiver. It is always better to have a separate communication channel for official communication.

While it is important to communicate responsibly, it is critical during a period like a pandemic. In the pandemic, communication has been evolving with many leaders encouraging open lines of communication and implementing some of the best communication practices. They have been insisting on streamlining employee communication while encouraging employees to ask questions and keep them engaged and motivated through their communication channels.

To keep up with the productivity and employee morale, leaders have to use a flawless communication tool and ensure transparency, accountability, feedback and appreciation regularly. 

How Whizzyle app helps users overcome the challenges of team communication?

Whizzyle is a software application that makes team communication and collaboration easy and purposeful. This new and revolutionary way of instant messaging gives businesses the best of both worlds- email and chat.

Whizzyle solves the challenges faced by business owners and employees by integrating official communication on one single platform in a seamless manner.

The simple but effective application uses email-like features to organize the conversations. The chat starts with a subject and agenda.

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Leaders can assign action items to their team members and ensure that conversations convert into tasks. One can capture notes with all key takeaways so that no points are missed out. With the application, one can share notes with colleagues, visit or access the same from the chat at any time. The platform offers the facility to talk to unlimited participants without them losing their current usage.

The application helps perform structured communication within and across an organization helping to achieve the precise expectations from the conversations with accountability. Read more about f95zone

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