Inceptial Review – Offering Trading Services a Bit Differently



What factors do you have in your mind that you consider to choose an online trading platform? I know I used to struggle with this question when I was just starting out as a trader, but things have changed completely now. With my association of many years with this amazing online industry, I think I know a few good things about trading. The best way I can serve this community of millions of online traders is by giving them some information about the great online platforms. That’s the reason I have spent time to write this short yet useful Inceptial review for you.

Despite the fact that the trading services are quite similar from most companies, this one stands apart and offers something different to its traders. In other words, I think it conducts regular surveys because it knows the clients and traders so well—evident from the way its features are designed. Let’s explore some more about Inceptial.

Conditions Suited for Freedom of Trading

Freedom of trading is quite a common term in the world of online traders. However, I feel that it has lost its meaning along the way because too many companies throw in this word for no particular value. It has forced online traders to believe that freedom of trading is only a myth. Wait till you discover the trading conditions offered to you by this company. Firstly, there is negative balance protection for everyone, this means your balance never goes below 0 when you sign up with this firm.

Furthermore, whether you sign up with the classic account or the VIP account, you will always have all the financial markets available to you. With the best trading accounts, your spreads can be as low as 0.9 pips. I like the fact that Inceptial has kept its leverages fixed for every trader. Why I like it is because I know 1:100 leverage is more than enough for any trader to take a huge risk on any trade and aim for a gigantic reward.

Hundreds of Assets and Plenty of Instruments

I am talking about the assets that you can trade with the company and the tools that can be used while you trade. So, firstly, you have the assets that belong to no particular asset class. This means you can trade in just about any financial market that interests you. You have forex currency pairs available for trading and just as many cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the same platform. Commodities are also available with opportunities for you to trade wheat, corn, coffee beans, oil, gold, silver, platinum, and much more. To be precise, there are more than 160 assets that you can trade with Inceptial.

At the same time, you have more than two dozen trading instruments or indicators to help you with your trades. Whether you want to look at the complete financial calendar of the year, use the modern interactive trading charts, or learn through video tutorials, you will have all of these available to you with ease.

MT4 and Web Trading Platform

Rather than the company forcing you to use a particular trading account, Inceptial is doing things differently when it gives you the option to go for either MetaTrader 4 or the web trader platform. MetaTrader 4 needs no introduction because it is the biggest and the best in the industry, and that has been the case for many years. Furthermore, you have the web trader, allowing you to trade on the go and without any restrictions on which specific operating system you have on your computer or smartphones.

Final Thoughts

I am sure you have some idea about why I think this firm is doing things differently. Its trading conditions are great for traders along with the trading platform that is integrated with the best trading tools, advanced charting features, and easy-to-understand navigation. So, what is it that you are specifically looking for in online trading platforms and what you think might be missing in what this company has to offer.

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