Know all about the Case Interview frameworks



In any industry, there is no magic or there are no hard processes to follow by the people to get success but the framework that makes each thing done. You have to keep in mind that there are only the frameworks and methods that be learned with practice. 

There is no magic and easy formula for such kinds of things and you can apply those things to get a response easily. A person who has started delving into case interviews will likely have come across the frameworks and methods. 

If you also want easy and instant results then you will also have to get the frameworks and methods. In the case, if anyone has searched for a framework for a case interview, he/she must go through case study frameworks that are designed by Victor Cheng. 

The designed framework by him is effective and also adopted from widely published frameworks such as Porter’s five forces. The framework can be applied to most cases, studies, and learnings that are a feature in your preparation. 

How many types of the framework?

At this time mostly there are 3 types of the framework that help to pass a case interview easily and avoid toughness. If you have to learn about the particular framework before interviews then using these frameworks from memory can be resulted by the interviewers.


It is the most commonly used framework that is very good to find the developing a good idea and the root cause of the bigger picture. This framework is out at the start also provides a checklist to work through which should prevent unexpected mental blocks. 

Issue Tree

This framework is great for profitability questions that provide a lot of information about the case interview. It is also a very good thing to understand any market sizing elements. In this framework has been used isolated ways of the problems and clear analysis. 


This framework is used to usually taking the form of a table but sometimes for a pair of axis also. It is a great framework when have to draw comparisons. It is mostly used by people when they have to do competitor analysis or M&A suitability. 

What about the key frameworks of Case Interview?

Many types of key frameworks are also essential when you have to go through a case interview. Here are the top 4 of those frameworks

General framework

This framework is for general purpose that is made by the Victor cheng and in this framework, a person is capable of may adopt to the majority of case interview questions. This type of case interview framework primarily serves as a checklist to ensure to cover all the relevant elements in the cases. 

Profitability Framework

This framework is like an issue tree because it isolates the client’s profitability problem into its key components. You can easily identify the issue lies and visualize where are the faults when you follow the branches of this framework. 

Market entry framework

Market entry questions usually explicitly state the intentions to enter a new market. This is a development of the general framework that places more and more emphasis on the strategy for understanding the target and capture the market. 

Pricing framework

The pricing framework is also one of the common frameworks when you have to suffer from a case interview. This pricing case interview framework is to learn and understand more and more about the pricing strategies. 

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