LinkedIn Company Pages to Keep an Eye on this Year



This post is paid advertisement sponsored by Diamond Bloggers. A LinkedIn company page is like a profile specifically for a brand. Even though LinkedIn is often assumed to be a place to find a job, since nearly 40 million job searches are made every week, so much more value to be had when utilizing the platform correctly.

LinkedIn, it’s also the best social media network for making professional connections.

Here are our top picks for company pages to follow in 2021.

1.       TED

The TED Conference has been running for more than 30 years and has encouraged some of the world’s most successful figures to share their thoughts and life lessons.

TED has also created a highly engaging LinkedIn page, where the thoughts of business leaders are shared across the page. You’ll find original articles, custom imagery, and videos from industry leaders and upcoming entrepreneurs.

In terms of relevancy to the modern professional, you cannot get much more relevant than TED’s LinkedIn.

2.       Google

There’s no name as well-known as Google. The tech giant keeps its millions of followers engaged by providing new content on SEO, marketing, and leveraging the search engine for business purposes.

They also offer inspiration by showcasing their own corporate initiatives. Find out about Google’s new innovations and their commitment to social responsibility by following their LinkedIn page.

3.       Davison Inventions

Speaking of inspiration, if you are looking to be inspired by your fellow entrepreneurs, Davison Inventions is the LinkedIn page to follow.

As a hub of innovation, you’ll be able to find out about the latest inventions that may sweep across America and the world. If you’re looking for motivation or guidance on how to take and idea to inception, you may find helping information by following this page.

They post regular content to their LinkedIn that you cannot find on any of their other social media platforms.

4.       Susan Cain

Whether you’re new to the professional world or a top executive, Susan Cain’s business nation has a lesson for you. She is one of the driving forces behind the power of introverts and the value they can bring to any business operation.

She has been featured in the New York Times and The Atlantic. Plus, her TED talk has generated more than 18 million unique hits.

Her LinkedIn feed is full of helpful business advice aimed at introverts. As an introverted entrepreneur, Cain shows that if you thrive on solitude, you can still make it in the business world.

5.       Arlene Dickinson

If you’ve ever seen The Big Decision or Dragon’s Den on CBC, the chances are you’re already acquainted with the talents of Arlene Dickinson and her business empire. The self-made millionaire’s LinkedIn has a lot to teach people about money management and running a business.

Although not as active as some the other LinkedIn feeds on this list, her monthly digest details tips, strategies, and sources of inspiration fresh from her business empire

Last Word

LinkedIn can be so much more than just another place to find a job. It’s a vast community of professionals all sharing knowledge and inspiration.

If you want to know more about success in the business world, regular trips to LinkedIn are essential.

What are your favorite LinkedIn pages to follow?

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