Megasquads Slot Explained



The Megasquad slot game engine has been hotly anticipated by players, Big Time Gaming have already struck gold with their previous Megaways game engine so expectations are high – try and play FIshing Frenzy Slot. The megasquad game engine may use a few familiar tropes that the Megaways game engine uses but it is by and large mainly an independent game engine. 

What is a Megasquad Slot? 

Megasquads may seem confusing at first but they are actually very simple to understand. Megasquads are a game engine which was originally designed by Big Time Gaming. They were also the creator of another slot megahit, the megaways game engine. Essentially, the slot consists of four mini slots which are spinning at the same time. The slot offers over 250 different ways for players to win, this number can reach astronomical proportions when players factor in other features such as free spins. The highest this total can reach is more than 16 million different possible win combinations! 

Features of a Megasquad Slot 

The megasquad slot has many features that differentiate it from other slot games. These features add unique twists to the game and help the megasquad slot to stand out from the crowd. 

  1. The base game features four mini slots which spin at the same time, offering 256 different ways to win!
  2. The Rainbow Wild is an important feature which helps the megasquad differentiate itself from other slots. Landing on a rainbow wild causes the two video slots to merge, forming over 65,000 different ways to win!
  3. Every player should be aiming to trigger the free spins feature, this brings the megasquad slot into an even bigger win potential for players. To trigger it, all players need to do is get four or more scatter symbols to fall anywhere across the mini slots. This connects the four mini slots which results in over 4,000 ways to win! What’s most appealing about this feature is that rainbow wilds are also active during this feature, managing to combine the two can result in over 16 million different ways to win! 

Examples of a Megasquad slot 

Although it is still a relatively new feature, the megasquad slot has still seen a few releases over time. It is still a new and exciting variation on the typical slot game but there are still those wondering if the game engine will be as groundbreaking as Big Time Gamings previous Megaways game engine. 

  • Slot Vegas Megaquads is an exciting and fun slot that was developed by Big Time Gaming. It uses the megasquads game engine to great effect, with fun bonus games and a wonderful theme depicting a gambling metropolis. Players should watch out though,

Slot Vegas Megaquads can be intensely volatile! Players may have a long wait before they are able to trigger the bonus games, however with all the different ways to win, the wait may very well be worth it! 


Megasquads have been highly anticipated and through Slot Vegas Megaquads they manage to live up to the hype. Although the game engine isn’t perfect, over time it has every chance to develop into the classic that the Megaways engine has become known as.

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