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Congratulations! You found a new place, and you are excited to move and start on a clean slate. It is all exciting and wonderful until you think about the mayhem that comes with packing, loading, 1st Class Moving, organizing the new place, etc. Although a move can be overwhelming, planning helps you avoid the last-minute rushes and ensure everything is in place during the moving day. Here are some suggestions for a simple and stress-free move.

Pack an overnight bag

The high chances are that you will be too tired to unpack on the same day you move. Even if you have paid your moving company to unpack and organize your new home, it is still important to pack an overnight bag with essentials. That ensures you have everything you need to sustain yourself before, during, and after moving. Include a few changing clothes, toiletries, and your work laptop, to reduce the risk of damage during the move.

Wrap the breakables in clothing to save on bubble wrap

Ideally, you want your move to be as cost-effective as possible. To wrap the breakables, you can skip the bubble wrap and use clothing such as sheets, linen, towels, etc. That way, you don’t have to buy too much bubble wrap.

Pack room by room

Start by packing the rooms you don’t use daily such as the guest rooms and dining room. Packing room by room makes things easier and helps you declutter the spaces to only pack what you need. It is also a way to ensure you do not mix items from different rooms. As the moving day nears, start packing the other rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Use a labeling system.

To ensure your move is more manageable, use a labeling system for the boxes in each room. You can color code the packing tape, making it easier for the movers to know which boxes to place in which room in the new place.

If possible clean your new home beforehand

It is best to show up in your new home and clean the rooms before moving in. You can even hire professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the place and disinfect it before your moving day, making it easy to transition into the new space.

Keep the drawers intact by taping them.

Instead of unpacking the movable drawers only to unpack them later, keep them intact by taping them. If they seem heavy, you can minimize the items or switch them with lighter items. Drawers are boxes themselves, so you don’t have to unpack them.

Engage a moving company

The easiest way to make your big move stress-free ttactics and simple is to engage a reliable moving company. Movers can take care of the packing, loading, and unpacking of the items in your home. They also pack your fragile items with care to prevent any damage when transporting them. Engaging a moving company to handle your move keeps you sane and gives you peace of mind knowing everything is in order for the move.

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