Netanyahu secretly goes to Saudi Arabia to meet with Prince



The meeting was attended by Netanyahu and the Saudi Prince, as well as Mike Pompeo, head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and US Secretary of State.

The British media BBC reported

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Saudi Arabia “secretly” on Sunday (November 22nd), Israeli media reported. According to a report in the British media BBC.

It is reported that Netanyahu went on a secret visit and met with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Mike Pompeo who is US Secretary of State. However, neither side has yet confirmed the veracity of the news. It is learned that the head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Mossad” was also present at the meeting.

Excerpts from Israeli government sources

Citing Israeli official sources, the country’s media outlet Haaretz said that Israel’s alternative prime minister, defence minister and foreign minister were also in the dark about the secret meeting.

However, in a tweet, an adviser to the Israeli prime minister hinted that the meeting had taken place. However, neither side has officially said anything about it yet.

Bennett Netanyahu spent hours on Sunday afternoon in the Saudi coastal city of Neom, the Washington Post reported, quoting Wynet through Israeli news outlets. Israeli intelligence chief Yossi Cohen accompanied him. There he met with Prince Mohammed bin Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Other news

On the other hand, Heritage reported that the list of aircraft showed that an Israeli plane had landed directly in the Saudi mega-city. The flight returned five hours later.

For a long time, the Donald Trump administration has been trying to normalize Saudi Arabia’s relations with Israel.

Relations between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel

Earlier, in August, the United States and Bahrain took steps to normalize relations with Israel. They have reached an agreement on trade, security and cooperation in tourism. However, Palestinian leaders called the deal a “fraud.”

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