One Piece: 8 Longest Arcs in The Manga, Ranked



Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece filler began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1997 and has gone on to turn into a mammoth of an arrangement from that point forward. The manga follows what could be known as the most amazing experience at any point composed, in which Monkey D. Luffy sets off on an excursion to turn into the King of the Pirates.¬†

The manga has been going on effectively for a very long time at this point and is loaded up with the absolute longest arcs, and keeping in mind that the length of the arcs may be threatening, there’s no rejecting that they’re breathtakingly composed.¬†

Punk Hazard Р46 Chapters 

Punk Hazard curve happens after the two-year time-avoid in One Piece. It begins in section 654 and deduces in the 699th part of the manga. The Punk Hazard bend sees the Straw Hat Pirates visit their first island in the New World notwithstanding not having any desire to go there in any case. 

This bend is the place where the set-up for the large fight versus Kaido starts, and Luffy unites with Trafalgar Law to bring down Doflamingo, otherwise called Joker, to demolish Kaido’s SMILE business.¬†

Thrill ride Bark – 48 Chapters

The Thriller Bark bend sees the Straw Hat Pirates get trapped in the Florian Triangle and attracted to a huge boat called Thriller Bark. This circular segment runs from section 442 to part 489 and hence positions among the longest One Piece arcs. 

Luffy goes head to head against Gecko Moria in this curve, and the Straw Hat Pirates likewise need to join powers to assume the Zombie of the Continent Puller, Oars. 

Fishman Island Р51 Chapters 

Beginning in Chapter section 603, Fishman Island is a circular segment developed since the beginning of One Piece. Just after the occasions of Water 7, the Straw Hats are informed that their next objective is Fishman Island, nonetheless, things occur, and they don’t will go to the island at that point.¬†

Subsequent to rejoining on Sabaody Archipelago, they at last go to the island and fend off Hordy Jones. Delightfully, they separate the hostility among Humans and Fishman generally prior to closing in Chapter 653. 

Water 7 Р53 Chapters 

Water 7 starts in Chapter 322 and closes in the 374th part of the manga. This curve is the second one in the Water 7 Saga and is associated with the Enies Lobby bend, which follows its occasions. 

Luffy and the Straw Hat team show up at the City of Water in this bend to discover a shipwright and fix the Going Merry prior to pushing ahead. At the same time, the team’s uprightness is tried in the Water 7 circular segment, and new foes as CP-9 show up.¬†

Enies Lobby Р56 Chapters 

Enies Lobby gets directly from the last known point of interest, in part 375 of the manga, and approaches the 430th section. This circular segment is broadly viewed as one of the best in the whole story, and it sees Luffy and his team go to Enies Lobby, one of the three significant World Government fortresses, to save Nico Robin. 

The bend includes some of One Piece’s most prominent battles and gives the fans a profound investigate Nico Robin’s past. Unmistakably, Enies Lobby is one of the best-composed arcs in the whole story.¬†

Alabasta Р63 Chapters 

One Piece’s Alabasta curve started with Chapter 155 of the manga and proceeded with as far as possible up to 217, making it one of the longest arcs in the story. It additionally covered one of the significant conflicts in One Piece as the Kingdom of Alabasta had fallen into strife because of an absence of downpour.¬†

Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, was the brains behind the whole disaster and Luffy and his group made a special effort to overcome him and reestablished harmony in the country all the while. 

Skypiea Р66 Chapters 

Soon after the Alabasta curve, One Piece turns towards the Sky Island adventure, the primary piece of which is covered by the Skypiea circular segment, which runs from Chapter 237-302. 

The circular segment impeccably epitomizes what One Piece is about as Luffy and his group go on an experience in the sky, find the City of Gold, known as Shandora. They additionally run over God Enel, rout him and end the very long term quarrel between the Skypieans and Shandians. 

Entire Cake Island Р78 Chapters 

One of the best arcs in One Piece after the two-year time-skip, Whole Cake Island runs from Chapter 825 to 902, and it sees the Straw Hat Pirates go right to Totland, the nation of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom, to recover Sanji. 

As the bend advances, the group’s objective movements from saving Sanji to assisting him with protecting his family from the lethal Big Mom. Entire Cake Island additionally gave fans an amazing battle among Luffy and Katakuri.¬†

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