PayTechno Review – An Exchange for All Your Basic Crypto Trading Needs



Do you wish to be a part of the online cryptocurrency trading world? Are you someone who prefers to own real cryptocurrencies? If that’s the case, I will make sure that you when you leave this page, you return with some information that can greatly help you get started. There are many online exchanges that allow you to sell and buy crypto coins, but not all of them have been created equal. I will talk about one that I think is really doing something special for new and aspiring traders in this PayTechno review.

I am not here to prove anything. My only concern is for you to have proper information and knowledge before you get started.

Transparency Matters the Most

Transparency should not matter to you alone. In fact, the online platforms that help you buy and sell any assets have to ensure that you get to look into everything clearly. Nothing should come to you as a surprise, and if it doesn’t, you can be sure that you are in the right place. PayTechno is different from most other companies in the way that it focuses on transparency a lot. You will never be charged anything that you don’t know about. While other companies like to keep a lot of details hidden, you will be happy to know that the company is registered and it has put all the information on the website.

This means you have the number of the license for operations of the company on the website. Secondly, it clearly states on the website that you will not have to pay any hidden costs when you are using the platform. If you notice, the website clearly states that you will be paying a 12% exchange fee on your buys and sells. The fee includes VAT as well. There is nothing hidden when you sign up with PayTechno.

PayTechno App and Card

Digital currencies are weightless because they don’t have any physical existence. They allow you to go anywhere you want without carrying a wallet with you. But where do you keep your digital coins? That’s where online and offline wallets come in. These are crypto wallets that are designed specifically to hold the crypto coins that you own. It is amazing that when you sign up with PayTechno, you will have the wallet available to you as soon as you buy any digital currency. Secondly, you will also get an app on your smartphone to manage everything.

The best part of this signup is that you will be eligible for a debit card as well. Yes, this is a card just like any other ATM card you have used before. This means, everything that you earn as a trader and which gets transferred to your app will be available on your card for you to use any time you want.

Customer Support for Professional Assistance

It is a pity that a lot of online websites don’t have any contact details. They are selling you digital currencies and allow you to sell yours as well. It does not feel right when you discover that there is no way for you to contact them when there is an issue. Yes, you can send them your concern through an online web-form but that’s not enough. With PayTechno, you can have the surety that there is a phone number you can contact when you need help.

What makes things even better is the fact that the customer support department of this company is there to provide you with professional support 24/7.

Final Thoughts

Online crypto exchanges are still new and becoming more trader-friendly with the passage of time. I can tell you that PayTechno is not in its final form at all and I won’t hesitate in claiming that. However, I also know that it is covering most of the ground pretty well by offering a wallet, a debit card, and security and transparency that you need direly when you are just starting out as a crypto trader/investor.

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