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In this fast-paced world of change, it is highly plausible that the things you have now may become obsolete in the future. Can you still remember the food you used to eat as a kid but is no longer being manufactured today? How about the games you used to play but is no longer accessible? What would you feel if the same thing would happen to your PDF documents wherein there will come a time that no software is compatible to open them?

For sure, you will feel extremely devastated. This situation will throw off all the important data you exerted effort in creating. No one wants that.

Since change happens abruptly, you must take the necessary steps to preserve the document for a long time. Save yourself from the heartbreak of not being able to open your PDF document forever by converting your PDF documents into PDF/A through PDFBear.

Importance of PDF/A

If you want to have long-term access to all your PDF documents while ensuring their safety and security, then PDF/A is the answer. This format guarantees the owner of the document the capability of reproducing the file using any software. It is possible because the format already contains all information needed to view the file.

You might now be thinking about how you can convert PDF to PDFA without any hassles. Well, you can follow the simple steps below to generate the new file format in no more than two minutes.

How to convert PDF to PDF/A?

Since PDFBear considers the fact that you might still be coping with work, stressing from an exam, or you might just don’t have any time to spare, it made converting PDF documents as quickly as possible.

It is an online-based tool that offers plenty of features ranging from merging, compressing, splitting, editing, to converting PDF documents. You can do any of these features in just a couple of minutes. The best thing is that you can use any of its features without spending a single centavo. Get a glimpse of how you can convert your PDF document into PDF/A.

First of all, to access PDFBear, you need a working device and a stable internet connection. Using the device’s browser, go to the website of PDFBear and click the pdf to word.

After that, you can select the files you want to convert into PDF/A from your device or Dropbox. Another option is to drag and drop the files into the toolbox.

As soon as the file is uploaded, the website will scan the document. You have to choose your desired PDF/A conformance level from 1b to 3a. It is best if you know something about it. But don’t worry if you still have no idea about these levels because PDFBear got your back. There is a brief description of each level on the website that you can use as a reference.

After you have chosen the conformance level, click the convert “PDF/A now” located just below the uploaded file. Expect that the new version of the document will appear on your screen within 2 seconds. Finally, you can easily download the files after the conversion process.

Available Features on PDFBear

If you think that PDFBear has very limited services. Think again because not only can you add page numbers using this website, but you can also enjoy the following features.

Esign PDF

People used to put their signature in a document by signing it personally and shipping the document to the receiver’s place. That is how hard life used to be when Esign PDF was not yet available.

But today, with the use of PDFBear, signing documents online is quite an easy process. It will only take you a few seconds to sign and send the document.

Add Watermark

In the digital age, stealing information is possible with just a few clicks. Did you have a professor who sends his lecture notes in PDF format with his name on top of each page? Or a colleague who puts his initials on top of his report? These are just some of the many people who use watermarks on their documents. That is their way of preventing others from owning their work.

Watermark serves a very important purpose in terms of protecting the information contained in a PDF document. You can also try putting it in some of your files by following four simple steps. Don’t worry about the quality of the document because the website will provide you the best.

Rotate PDF

Some documents are not in their proper orientations which makes reading a struggle. There might be documents supposedly in a portrait orientation but placed differently in the file. Don’t settle with these kinds of files. You can do something about it by using this rotate PDF tool of PDFBear.

Number Pages

If you want to create a PDF document that you can easily navigate, then you can add page numbers. In this way, you can easily identify the page where you left off.

Share Document

More often than not, you have to share your PDF documents with your classmates or co-workers. You can use this website to send the file to them by just providing their email addresses.


PDFBear is an online tool that will make you incredible in handling your files for a long time. There is no better tool to use than one that you can utilize for free. We hope this post was able to guide you in accomplishing your PDF needs. Start converting your files by visiting PDFBear.com now!

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