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PDFBear is an online platform that allows you to convert any file. This online platform lets us covert Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and HTML to a PDF format. PDFBear’s fast and easy conversion is free and safe to use. By transforming our documents to a PDF format, these files would now be protected and secured from others.

PDFBear also has other tools that we can utilize, such as Merge, Split, Compress, Protect, Unlock, and so on. These tools help us to work smarter and efficiently. Especially those people whose work is solely online. By utilizing these tools, we can easily send or share our documents with other people safely and hassle-free. Here, we will show you how easy it is to use this website’s tools.

1. Converting Word to PDF

PDFBear has an online Word to PDF converter. We convert our documents to PDF to quickly and conveniently be seen by others. And by converting it into a PDF format, our documents could not be edited or manipulated by other people. Using this website, we can transform our DOCS and DOCX files in such an easy process.

The process of converting your Docs and Docx is straightforward to follow. The first is to select or drag and drop the file to the conversion box. The website and start the conversion process. Once the conversion is done, it would be available for download, and we can save it to our dropbox or send it through email.

2. Converting Excel to PDF

Excel is an advanced format and useful for documentation and analyzing data. The Excel format is made of data and information organized for calculation that needs to be interpreted in a way that is vital for our work. Excel or spreadsheets have this mini-program written to it called macros. These macros attract viruses from time to time, which makes our work fragile. But we can avoid this by converting our Excel files to a PDF format.

The same as Word conversion, we only have to select the files, and PDFBear will get the conversion done. It will be available for download once it’s ready, and we can save it to our Dropbox, or we can send it through email.

3. Converting PPT to PDF

Converting our Powerpoint files to PDF makes our work more presentable and neat. It is easier to read, more straightforward, and engaging. This also helps us avoid common errors due to having incompatible programs with others, making everything we do efficient and relaxed.

In converting PPT to PDF, we only have to select the slides that we want to be converted. PDFBear will then scan and process the conversion. Once done, it would be available for download, and we can save it in our Dropbox or send it through email.

4. Converting JPG to PDF

We can now send and share images in an easy manner. It would look more organized and neat by converting our JPG files to PDF. Converted JPGs will be collected and merged into one file, having a quick and easy file upload since the size is more compressed. These are only a few advantages. Imagine what it can do to you personally or at your job if you do this frequently.

To convert JPG to PDF, we only have to select or drag and drop the images in the conversion box. PDFBear will start the conversion and merge the JPGs into a single PDF file. Once the file is ready, it would be available for download, and we can save it to our Dropbox or send it through email.

5. Converting HTML to PDF

Nowadays, protecting our website’s framework is very vital. Since there could be unauthorized access to this when we share or send it to other people. By converting HTML to PDF format, we could avoid other people getting the codes we integrate into our HTML. Also, PDF files are encrypted; therefore, it is hard to be manipulated by others.

In converting our HTML to PDF, we only have to copy and paste the links to the conversion box. Then PDFBear will scan it and start the conversion process. It will be available for download once done, and we can save it to our Dropbox or send it to other people through email.

PDFBear’s Safety and Security

PDFBear makes our files’ security their utmost priority. To keep our files safe, they make sure that they are encrypted with 256-BIT SSL Security. Then, if you apply to their Pro membership, we can access our original files in “My Account” under “File Management,” where we can manually delete our files or keep the files that we want. Also, PDFBear automatically deletes our files 1 hour after we upload them.


PDFBear makes our work easier and efficient. We are able to work smart than ever. With its free online platform, we can use it anywhere and anytime. Since PDFBear supports any major Operating and any device.

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