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In common man’s language pest is known as an insect that usually attacks and spoils our food. Pest also damages our health. Pest includes insects like ants, mosquito, spiders, Cockroaches, bed-bugs, and flies. It also includes animals like rats and lizards.

It is a well-known fact that a pest can cause ill health. Our elders often teach us about the harmful effect of pests in our house. And what measures we can take to control these pests, in today’s lift it is not that easy and if we forget to maintain then these pests get easily flourished.

Our teachers in schools also instruct us to keep our surroundings clean and tidy.

Proper treatment is the best way to avoid pest damage. Treatments for ants and mosquitoes are different from one another.

Only professional pest control Specialists can handle these problems. The pest control specialist will check the level of infestation and deal it with accordingly.

Here is the list of the top-rated pest control specialist in Johannesburg.

  1. JT Solutions: JT solution is one of the trusted pest control in Johannesburg at very affordable price. They are also the leading pest control service providers in the town for 10 years. They offer pest control services in a phone call. They are also one of the best-experienced pest control services and they have advanced tools to make the services effective and long-lasting.

Location: Benoni & Randburg


Rating: 5 star

Ph: +27 (0) 10 615 0866

  1. Fumigation SA: Fumigation SA is working in the field of pest control in Johannesburg for the past ten years. They are very popular for their cost-effective pest control methods in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. The distinctive feature of fumigation SA is that they have skilled professionals who can deal with any sort of pest infestation. They provide satisfactory results with a guarantee. They also carry the latest kinds of equipment and eco-friendly agents for order less and environment-friendly process.

Location: Midrand


Rating: 5 star

Ph: +27 (0) 81 038-3521

  1. Eco fumigation: Eco fumigation is one of the top-rated pest control in Johannesburg at very affordable price. They are offering pest control services for the past five years. They do a proper installation and use the right methods for the effective implementation so that pest cannot appear after some time. Eco fumigation is a trustworthy service centre. Their work is effective and long-lasting.

Location: Centurion


Rating: 5 star

Ph: +(27) 12- 004- 2031

  1. Eco pest control: Eco pest control is a leading pest control in Johannesburg and connecting suburbs. They offer pest control and fumigation services at a very reasonable price. They have very well trained experts and professionals with advanced tools to treat all types of test. They also give free services where they previously treated.

Location: Marshalltown


Rating: 5 star

Ph: +27-010 615 0866

  1. JT Fumigators: JT fumigators offer services at a very competitive price they are well-known pest control in Johannesburg and connecting areas. They have new types of elimination and eradication methods to destroy pest that last long.

Location: Randburg


Rating: 5 star

Ph: +27 (01)0615-0866

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