Redefine your accent walls with these ideas along with some stellar window decals 


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You need to know that accent walls are integral to the interior decoration industry. The flexibility of these stylish and easy color accents keeps its popularity intact. You have endless paint options/directives for an accent wall. It includes other materials and surfaces.

  • Your accent wall’s location is your personal choice. Every home is unique and you can use accent walls in any space if you comply with the regulations.
  • Considering the fact that it’s an exterior or interior wall with a different material, design, color, or shade, you don’t need to avoid a bold color for your wall. 
  • If you’ve the right accents in the space for coordinating with your new color, you can pick your favorite color.
  • When buying a new accent wall, you can think well outside the box. You can use paint color in other ways. 
  • An accent wall may be compatible with stripes. You can also fit into a specialty paint job. 
  • Metallics form a strong style statement for a beautiful accent wall. Extensive shelving can bolster an accent wall in space where there’s paucity of storage and architectural feature. 
  • An accent wall entails artwork of photo gallery, or even a fabric-rich wall. If your room is neutral, accent wall is a fantastic idea.

Some case studies

Accent walls are a great tool to change the entire feel or mood of your home. Unlike some preconceived notions that it will affect your room’s symmetry, it actually lends a touch of style, intrigue, and dimension. 

  • Stripes are an excellent option for guestroom. If you have the right window stickers to supplement it, or a dynamic wallpaper to bolster a dazzling artwork, your room will be peerless. 
  • Black box is another popular style. Interior designers count on black box to give a theater effect to media rooms sans totally hampering the room. You designate a poignant marine paint on the furniture wall or TV wall.
  • Accent walls also provide a splash to your room. Natural stone is certainly one of the costliest surface materials out there. Beautiful stones can enhance your kitchen. Install smokey and catchy purple swirls on the wall.
  • The hidden door is a fantabulous wall décor. Moments are better than looks for encapsulating a house’s positive impact. 
  • You experience the ultimate moment in an elegant and slow descent in a sculptural hallway or staircase. 

Some modern ideas

To spice up your space’s pizzazz, you can go for an accent wall. You can use slats to make a tropical rainforest, rough stone pieces to convey the mood of ancient items, or oscillating shades for creating a pastel rainbow. Accent walls can cater to each aura and mood. 

If you’ve the bandwidth to change your façade or want to install a standing light or wall scones to create a dreamy mood, or have a tight budget, you can use an artistic piece for taking any décor to another level. 

Pastel rainbows are for both adults and children. There are geometric walls that open as headboard. There are taupe curtains, soft lilac curtains and bedspreads, and stunning geometric shelves to complete the look.

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